November 7, 2018

Currently in November {a link-up}

Appreciating...that I didn't have to go back to work after having a baby. It's not that I don't want to. I do, actually, and I will at some point. However, going through the fourth trimester/newborn phase, I can't imagine doing this and teaching at the same time. I mentioned long ago that I knew I'd have to stop working when I had a baby because we can't juggle Scott's schedule, houses/moving, dogs, and a baby, plus me teaching, with no family or friends around to help. But I suppose I just am appreciative that I only have to feel flustered daily, instead of completely overwhelmed with no way to cope. Which is what it would look like if I were still teaching. things for that 4-6 month age range. I came to the game late, researching pregnancy long after I was pregnant and researching labor/delivery about 3 or 4 weeks before he was born, and that means that I research baby things on an as-needed basis. 
I ordered this activity table (#2) and it should be here this week. I really like the look of the first one better, but the second has many, many good reviews, has the foot plate/stand for balancing help since Wells is only not-quite-4 months, and is actually cheaper. The first one is cuter, I think, though. 

Posting...Yesterday I did a weekend recap post for the first time in forever. You can see why I never do them. They're awful boring. I also posted on Instagram about why I've been purposefully ignoring Instagram. 

Getting...No sleep after staying up late to watch the election results. And then, well...

He was up like 6 times or something. I don't even count or check the time anymore. 

Cooking...I made this Broccoli Cheddar Soup and it turned out well. I mean, no BC Soup is equivalent to Panera (mainly because I won't make the copycat recipes because I don't want to know what goes in there), but this is probably the best I've made at home. 

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  1. It's great that you were able to NOT work after having your little one - I'm sure it would have been crazy overwhelming, especially with no help around.


  2. I tell you what lady - I dont know how you do it all when you are kinda alone - apart from friends & family. You are one amazing lady!!!!!
    Wells is going to love that little activity table! I like the one you got has the foot board on it too - that will help him get his balance really well - work out that energy so he'll sleep better :)

  3. I definitely only research baby things on an as needed basis...haha! Cyrus's little friend (they are three weeks apart) has the same #2 activity table and his parents brought the table over to live at our place since we take care of the baby during the day. So sometimes Cyrus gets to play with the table too, both boys have really liked it, although since Cyrus began standing and cruising, now he prefers walking around the table to actually being trapped in it. The other baby has a way more chill personality and happily plays inside.

  4. Not feeling flustered all the time is worth a LOT! And I think researching baby things as you go helps with that too - no sense in stressing about it beforehand, but just figure things out as and when you need them :) The little activity stand will be great for this age!


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