September 20, 2018

Stuff and Things 9/20

+I started watching Love Island on Hulu.

Do not watch it. It is the worst. I made it through half of season one. I'm assuming it gets "better", but it's the worst.
Describing the contestants as "narcissistic assholes" is being kind.

+I bought two pairs of jeans. Actually, 3 pairs, but I sent one back.

These high-waisted jeggings and these jeggings.

I ordered one size up and, seeing as how I haven't bought jeans in almost two years, I was surprised I could eyeball it so well. Both fit the way I wanted them to and I almost sent one back but since I haven't bought jeans in awhile so I think I can splurge on two pairs, right? I currently only have 3 other pairs in my closet: one from AE two years ago, one from Stitchfix (neither of these fit right now) and one pair from Target in 2011 that I just like something about and can't part with (they do fit right now).

I sent these back.

I saw recently (and all through that Nordstrom sale in July) that many people are singing the praises of their $200 jeans and saying they really love them. Well, I hope so.

+Wells was crying the other day...he just gets fussy around 8pm, kind of like Scott took him while I was cleaning up the kitchen. Suddenly I heard a (very loud) song coming from the computer. I looked and Wells was up on the desk, watching Veggie Tales. Like REALLY watching it, absolutely enthralled, pushing himself up on the desk toward the screen. Scott said "He likes it!" and I said "OF COURSE HE DOES! Kids are magnetically drawn to screens".

+Also, this episode of The Ben Shapiro Show is everything. Ben's comment while he was describing one of Stormy Daniels' accounts: I'm so glad we're doing this. (the 39:00 mark is where it starts)

+Spot the typo in this "article".  It's about how schools in Pueblo, Colorado are so hot, parents are allowed to keep their kids home on hot days. There's no a/c or swamp coolers or anything. Awesome, right? THIS is why I haven't worn jeans regularly in two classroom would get so warm (even in the winter it'd be warm inside) that they'd be uncomfortable. 
Seriously, see if you can spot the typo. 

+Speaking of Dwight...

I started rewatching The Office over the weekend because there's just something about it. Those days were such a simpler time, right?


  1. Love island is crazy lol I watched a few episodes and will catch up soon!

  2. HAHAHA - that Dwight Nike ad. That just made my day!!!!

  3. I always love The Office. We watch it often. It's like comfort food.

  4. The veggie tales thing made me LOL.
    Supposedly babies love colors. I'm not surprised he liked the moving colorful objects singing to him at all :p
    Scott's funny.
    And the no AC thing KILLS me. Like, poor kids and teachers. It gets SO hot indoors without AC. I didn't read it, but I can only imagine the typo(s) in it because colorado news channels..... haha. Do you follow any of them on FB? HILARIOUS! The captions get ripped apart daily with comments such as "Who edits these?! DO BETTER!" haha

  5. and the $200 jeans........ eye rolling sooooo hard.

  6. I feel the same way about $200 jeans. I just cant. I hate it when ppl link their clothes, I think it's cute, click the link and voila theres a reason why they are cute...the price! 🙄

  7. I will NEVER spent more than $40 on a pair of jeans so they can keep their $200 ones haha.

  8. Clearly I need to start watching Love Island! LOL!

  9. I didn't read the heat article, but my old school district in IL had 4 1/2 days last week because of the heat and no AC in many of the schools. This is in addition to the 4-5 1/2 days they'd had before that for the heat. They still get to count the day, but it's crazy that they have gone this late with them.

  10. $200 for a pair of jeans is... too much! At my age, it probably wouldn't fit after a year because I would have expanded sideways! ��

  11. Speaking of simpler times... I go through spells when I want to watch old TV shows and by old, I mean OLD... like before my time old (Andy Griffith Show, The Musters, Gilligan's Island, etc.)

    I agree with you. If someone spends $200 on a single pair of jeans, that person better sing their praises bc if they don't, they look like fools who spent $200 on crappy jeans.

    Exactly! Of course he like it! Kids and screens are like moths to porch lights.


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