September 19, 2018

A short-ish haircut

Back in 2015, I got my hair cut kind of short-ish. It was something I did because I knew I'd be turning 30 soon and I wanted to get it all chopped off prior to that so I couldn't blame "turning 30" for a shorter cut. Then I figured I'd let it grow again.

The weird thing was that I started a new job about 2 weeks later, so everyone "knew" me as having shorter hair. When it started to grow again, everyone commented on how long it was but I didn't even notice because that was its regular length.

For the 3 years since then, I haven't done more than a trim. I had it trimmed back in November before I knew I was pregnant. Then I had it trimmed again in January. Then not again until June. You know how some people say their hair is just amazing during pregnancy? Mine wasn't. I'm 99% sure it didn't grow at all actually. It even got, if I'm being honest, kind of stringy and hard to comb out.

But, since Wells was born, I've had it cut twice. That's twice in two months. I had it cut at the end of July and then again on Monday.

No makeup, little sleep, and a bit of sea salt texturizing spray. 

Post-partum, my hair is full of volume and, I swear, so much thicker and gains length like crazy. Now, I have a lot of the fine baby hairs around my forehead that weren't there before because of breakage or whatever. But I seem to be dealing with the opposite hair issues that a lot of pregnant/post-partum women have. I still expect some hair loss in the coming months, but I'm hopeful because I hated my stringy pregnancy hair. I couldn't even wear it down because I just felt like it was limp and greasy all the time.

Anyway. When I talk about these haircuts I've gotten in the last year, they are all Great Clips cuts and I've mentioned that I like Great Clips because they actually do what you ask them to do. If I've gone to fancy salons, they always end up convincing me to just get a trim and then I pay $45+tip for something I could probably figure out how to do myself.

So I went into Great Clips on Monday and asked for two inches off. I think Vicky took more than two inches off because, after the cut, she did lots of texturizing.

Which is fine. I've realized that the longer my hair is, currently, the less likely I'm going to be to do anything with it. And if I do experience some post-partum hair loss, it'll be easier to deal with if it's somewhat shorter, right?

What was your post-partum hair experience like? Or, do you (like me) just assume that hair will grow back, so getting a few inches off isn't the end of the world? 


  1. I used to go to Greatclips in Chicago.I found a girl there who did an amazing job with my curly hair!

  2. Never had postpartum hair so no answer for you there...
    but I swear, I think inches are different measurement to a hair stylist & to a normal minded person. 2 inches to me is like 4.5 to a hair stylist. I never have heard someone say a stylist didnt take enough off when asked for a cut/trim. I've just quit asking mine to cut mine - it always feels like a foot taken off.

  3. I like it! I think it's cute and looks good on you.
    Also, baby hair growth..... UGH.
    Those postpartum hair regrowth... SO fun. SO fun.
    You get them after stress too. *shrugs* I have like 4 inches of whispy hair that make a mane around my face sometimes if not properly taken care of. HAHAHA! It's ridiculous.

  4. My hair is super short right now because I got mad at losing so much hair and decided to just chop it all off in the bathroom one day...because it's true, it'll work better and look better long-term with regrowth if it's shorter to begin with. Also, my hair is straighter than it's been in 15 years, which is weird to get used to. I'm definitely going to have to adjust my styling habits.
    Haircutting combs have inches marked on them so I always show anybody exactly how much hair I'm going to cut off. Confirm with them, and double confirm. I was slightly traumatized by an experience with a lady who asked me to give her son a short summer cut. I asked how long she wanted his hair to be, she said "half an inch". I showed her the #4 guard, said that this is the 1/2 inch guard for the clippers, so it'll leave exactly half an inch of hair on his head, is that what you want? She said yes. It's a reasonable haircut for a kid, his hair was only about an inch long so it wasn't a huge change, I had no idea that she wasn't actually describing what she wanted, the #4 guard is the same one I use for Angel, it's a pretty common length for guys...but when I'd finished the haircut, she screamed at me, she screamed at the receptionist, she screamed at the whole salon, swearing up and down that her son's hair was only 1/4 inch long and that she's asked for 1/2 an inch and clearly I didn't know what a half inch was, she said that her son was so devastated because I'd ruined his haircut. I felt so sorry for the kid...she was...not very nice.

  5. Postpartum hair is nutty haha!!! Mine is still weird since I had E.

  6. The short hair looks good! Mine never got full and strong during pregnancy, but I always lost a lot after I stopped nursing.

  7. I like the short look! I can't comment to post-partum anything but for me, it's twice a year trims and nothing else. Curly hair like mine has special... "rules". Number 1: never take more than 2" at a time. It makes a HUGE difference!

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