August 3, 2018

5 Things Friday.

+This news story about how amazing Colorado Springs is. I think the headline says it all if we're talking about how Coloradans perceive themselves.

I could go on (and on and on) about this, but my point is this: the median salary is $49k and the median house price is $255k. You can't afford the median house on the median salary. The math doesn't check out. The only thoughts we really have are What did we miss? We don't love the place. We lived there for 3-4 years (me for four solid years, him intermittently with deployments and this Wyoming stint). We didn't like it any better than any other place we've been. I worked with mostly civilians and the general public anyway so I think I got a really good feel for the place. (That being said, please buy our house there.)

+Wells had his first visit to a museum/historic site. Exciting! We went to the Wyoming Territorial Prison museum on Tuesday. I recommend it if you're ever in Laramie.

Right before he peed all over everything during a diaper change. 
Bench, diaper bag, his own head, etc.

+Things Tidy People Don't Do. I fit this perfectly. It's why moving and change and no structure is so hard for me. I'm struggling right now.

+I'm thinking about trying out some different lipsticks. Do you have any recommendations?
I got pulled into the BeautyCounter website and started browsing. I tend to buy a new cheap-ish lipstick every fall and wear it for all of three days. Since I'm making an effort to brush my hair and put on makeup most days now, even if I don't get dressed really, I thought this would be a nice addition.

+Well, that turned into 4 Things Friday. I don't know what we have planned for this weekend yet since we did the one and only tourist attraction in Laramie (see above). Is anyone else just reallllllly excited for fall? I can't wait to get the 80+ degree days over with.

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