August 7, 2018

Weekending 8/7

Hey, it's Tuesday already.

I don't want to say all of the days run together in a big blur, but every day is the same with feeding, changing, burping, laundry, laundry, laundry, dishes, they do run together in a way, but they're not blurry.

I'm on my own again with a baby right now so the blurriness may start soon.

Jett saw a puppy on our walk the other day and would not just let it go. He hates puppies.

No pictures of Scout here because he's mad at me. 
He rolled in a dead skunk last week and I've given him 4 baths since. Hopefully he runs off the scent completely as he chases rabbits in Colorado this week. 

My brother and sister-in-law sent us these from Baked by Melissa. Along with MUCH-appreciated diapers and wipes. 

Wells went on his second historical tour on Saturday. We went to the Ivinson Mansion. His first was to the Wyoming Territorial Prison.

He'll appreciate this someday.

Including a one-room schoolhouse that they found out on the plains and brought to Laramie to restore.

His cheeks are getting bigger.

A trip to the UW campus.

Side note: They sell lots of Erin Condren there, which I didn't expect at a campus bookstore.

 We ended the weekend with a hailstorm, but nothing like what Colorado Springs got hit with yesterday. It makes me sick just thinking about it. But remember, it's, like, the best city ever.

My parents were visiting last week and it was really nice to have two extra sets of hands around to feed, burp, and hold Wells. They also did tons of tummy time, so I have to keep that going. 
However, now I'm back to attempting "routine" and that will likely include heading down to Colorado, which will just bust up whatever routine I currently have going (which isn't much of a routine at all, honestly). Scott is off of school for 3 weeks and unless I want to do this by myself for 3 weeks and not see Scott or the dogs, I'll be packing up the whole house (because babies have a shocking amount of needs) and heading to the prairie for a few days.

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