August 2, 2018

3rd Trimester Recap

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Well, I meant to write this and put it together and then Wells showed up early so I didn't write it until after he was born. The information is still the same though. While I didn't do bumpdates weekly or even monthly, consider this a recap of how I felt for the last 2-3 months. 

I don't actually remember how many weeks this was. I'd say 36/37 because I remember having contractions as we were driving to this lake. 

+The 3rd trimester does go on a bit forever. This is partially my own doing though because working made chunks of pregnancy fly by and when I wasn't working anymore, it really slowed things down. During the 1st trimester, I lived in fear of some spontaneous miscarriage because nothing in my past told me a healthy pregnancy would be a given. During the 2nd, it was worries over the anatomy scan (If genetic testing and IVF couldn't create a baby, how could this happen on its own? was my thought.) During the 3rd, it was perpetual fear that I wasn't feeling enough movement and by 36 weeks I was ready for him to arrive (mentally, not necessarily preparedness-wise) because I felt if he was out, he was safe. 

+My friend told my other friend (who had never been pregnant) how much she hated both her pregnancies. My two cents was that I "felt great" and that's the truth. I had a really easy pregnancy. I will fully admit that. Being pregnant wasn't my favorite thing in the world because I knew I wasn't really in control of my own body, but it certainly wasn't difficult or a hardship. I had no sickness, no swelling, no complications, no bleeding, my lifestyle didn't really change much, etc. I mean, getting bigger was the hardest part for me because it was just hard to get dressed for work most days. This was my own fault, though, because I didn't want to invest in a ton of maternity clothes for work.  I wouldn't be working my last two months of pregnancy so I really tried to get by with the minimal. 

+A lot of my first trimester symptoms came back during May...

Insomnia was the worst. I had restless leg syndrome too, so sleep wasn't as pleasant as the 2nd trimester, but I wasn't achey or sore or anything. I'm pretty sure Scott used the Snoogie pillow more than I did (my friend gave me hers and I'm glad I didn't buy one). 

In the last month, I got shooting pains up and down my thighs..a preview of contractions and the ligaments stretching out, I suppose. They would cripple me for a second, like a charlie horse. 

Crazy cravings for cereal were always there. Special K Red Berries is more or less what I'd been craving since December, off and on, and I had to really talk myself out of eating it for dinner most nights. Now, I can't even look at the stuff. (Other things I can't look at include Indian food, Reeses' Peanut Butter coffee creamer, and chickpeas.)

+I used cocoa butter lotion and this salve religiously and I really just got tired of putting it on every time I showered. It wasn't just my stomach: My arms and back and legs got the full treatment. I literally couldn't wait until I could stop doing that. The second he was born: no more itchiness. It was amazing. I haven't used lotion in weeks! I would say itchiness, all-over itchiness, was the worst symptom I experienced in the last 9 months (which I'm very fortunate to be able to say, I know). From what I can tell, I didn't end up with any stretch marks and though my belly button definitely popped out during the last month, it's back to normal now.

+As soon as I was clearly and visibly pregnant in the 3rd trimester, a lot of time was spent answering the questions Is this your first? How many do you want? Will you have more? Someone we met a few months ago said that we needed to have at least 8 kids because they have 7 and it's amazing. We don't even really respond to those kinds of comments anymore because otherwise, it just opens up a conversation that makes everyone feel bad and awkward and then we don't have any friends. However, later, I said to Scott that It's interesting how people assume that's okay to say. Like, just because they could (accidentally) have a bunch of kids, they think everyone else can too.

+Everyone has an opinion about your size when you're pregnant. You're either too big or too small, right? Everyone from coworkers to neighbors to the lady who cuts your hair.
I will say that the only person who made me uncomfortable was one midwife who said Don't listen to everyone who tells you to gain a ton of weight. You don't need to gain a ton of weight. Because that was at like 24 weeks, and what if I had started gaining weight quickly after that? You have very little control over your body when you're pregnant as it is.
I've discovered that fundal height is more important than pounds. At 32 weeks, I measured 32 cm and at 34 weeks, I measured 34.5 cm. At 36 weeks, 36 cm. And so on.

+I did tell myself, around 35 weeks, that there would be no more candy for the rest of this pregnancy. I got these awful cravings for gummy-like things (Twizzlers Bits, SPK, etc) and then I ate a bunch and got horrible headaches or stomachaches. I actually haven't had candy since.

+Going to the doctor in Laramie has been SO easy. It's the most relaxed experience. No gateguards, no security checks, no checking in and checking out with 3-4 different people. They give you options for appointments. Not just one day in which you have to take off work and rearrange your whole life in order to be there.
In fact, when I walked in weeks ago with my ID card (becausehowelsewilltheyverifymyidentity???), they were like You don't need that. You're already in the system. I appreciate that.
Scott went to the last few appointments with me and he was impressed not only with the experience but with the doctor. I have to say, she is amazing with so many credentials that I can't even list them all and I'm so grateful for this experience. She called my labor "fun" for her and she legitimately seemed to enjoy herself and loved doing her job. If you are ever in the area and in need of an OB referral, I would happily recommend her.

+When all was said and done, I gained 23 pounds with Wells and for the last couple of weeks, I just went back and forth between 2 pounds, usually depending on the time of day they weighed me at my appointments. The pounds didn't pack on like I expected them to at the end, but he was almost 7 pounds at 39 weeks and I totally lost my appetite toward the end anyway. Breakfast was always toast and, somewhat shamefully, dinner was always a milkshake. Most of what I gained was baby, in the front, like a basketball. Everyone who saw me immediately said "boy" because boys tend to be carried that way and I think that was part of what led to a good experience for me. I've still got a ways to go before I'm back in shape the way I was when it came to Pilates and fitness classes, but I'm not as far off as I expected to be, if that makes sense.

+And, last but not least, being pregnant did wonders for my immune system. I had one cold at 10 weeks back in December, but usually I get a sinus infection in January and another in April-ish. However, I was perfectly healthy for the next 30 weeks. Not so much as an upset stomach, and I worked in an elementary school; the only places germier are hospitals and airports. 

All in all, I would 100% do it again (If we should be so lucky and blessed to get another miracle and all), but I'm really happy to be not-pregnant again :)

At the Wyoming Territorial Prison museum the other day. #nofilter #justtired

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