June 28, 2018

Pinned/Did/Done 6/28

Balsamic Roasted Potatoes. The recipe also calls for asparagus but I didn't have any. These were good. Since there were leftovers, I heated them up the next day and they had lost the balsamic taste completely. You might need to add more if that's the case. But it's a good alternative to just olive oil or garlic, if you're looking for a new flavor for potatoes.

Vegan Banana Bread. I made this in muffin tins and froze them. It makes about 18 muffins and bakes at the same temperature for about 15 minutes. THEY WERE FANTASTIC. This will be a go-to recipe for me.

Lactation cookies. I made the dough, scooped it onto trays, froze it, and then put them into ziploc bags for later. I'll bake them when I need them. It seems promising. I also made a double batch of my favorite oatmeal cookies, froze the dough, and will bake them at some point. I plan to keep Scott away from the lactation cookies by telling him they have twice as many calories as regular cookies (which, they likely do).

Roasted Eggplant and Tomato Gnocchi. I like quick gnocchi dinners that I can just make on the stove in the summer, so roasting the vegetables kind of ruined that part. This was good, though. I prefer my eggplant breaded, in a parmesan-style, but it did the job and didn't take long to make.

Steel Cut Oats in the Instant Pot. Confession: we have a knock-off Instant Pot. Scott bought it to cook different meats and whatnot for himself while he was in charge of his own meal-planning this past winter in Wyoming. So the instructions on a lot of Instant Pot recipes don't always correspond to ours (It's a Farberware one). For this one, I followed the ingredient directions and just put it on for 30 minutes. It worked beautifully and I didn't seal in the steam to release it at the end. The oats just absorbed all the water, a lot like how a rice cooker would. My favorite part was that steel cut oats also take about 30 minutes on the stove, but they ALWAYS stick to the pan and make a mess. These came right out with no clean-up time.

Chicken Fried Rice in the Instant Pot. This came together really easily and I liked that you didn't have to use leftover rice. I will say that it needed more seasoning/soy sauce, so if you have go-to cocktail of seasoning for Asian food, use it. The method works really well if you like chicken fried rice. I left out the egg because I always pick it out anyway.

Blueberry Baked Oatmeal Muffin Cups.
These were really good as well.  I have a thing for oatmeal, I know. Reheating with some maple syrup makes a great snack or breakfast. I froze a few ziploc bags of these so we'll see how they hold up.


Speaking of things you see on Pinterest, but would hopefully never try yourself...this is the most awful thing I've seen in awhile.

I was actually kind of horrified by it. 

What have you pinned and tried out lately? 
I'm trying to make good use of meal-planning again, so hopefully I'll have more to report on in the second half of 2018.

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