July 2, 2018

Currently...as we head into July.

I had every intention of doing a 5 Things Friday post and then I got distracted because we were busy on Thursday and it was really hot and then I did not sleep Thursday night and well, that's how things go these days. Every time I get up to go to the bathroom (3-4 times a night), Jett's head pops up from wherever he is before my feet even hit the floor. In the 45 seconds I'm gone, he somehow ends up fast asleep on my pillow. I can't move 51 pounds of dead weight, so I have to wake up Scott and he has to coax him away and it's this whole big thing. Basically, the point is, I've all but stopped sleeping. When Scott isn't here, the dogs expect him back any second, so any time there's a noise outside, they think it's him and they bark and wake me up.

Watching...I need to stop watching Gossip Girl reruns. It's just familiar and I like it. I caught up on The Bold Type over the weekend. I wish Younger season 5 and Unreal season 3 (just saw that episode 1, at least, is on there starting today!) were on Hulu but, alas, they are not. Do you have a show to recommend?

Listening... I've really taken a liking to Ben Shapiro lately so I will listen to his show each day while I clean or cook or whatever. You can find them on Youtube and he tweets out the link each day. But he does a lot of great interviews too. Yesterday's was with Adam Carolla. I will never understand why I love Adam Carolla so much but I do. He's so level-headed. His book In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks really resonated with me when I read it a few years ago and he's just a smart guy. Smart, level-headedness is appreciated these days.

Reading...The Female Persuasion and He Said/She Said. I'm impressed with neither so far.

Thinking...about how to prepare these dogs for a baby. It's going to be utter chaos and confusion.

Trying...to sell a couple of purses on Laramie's yard sale website. I sold our old couches on there last week. These were the questions you had to answer to get into the Facebook group. This town, clearly, runs on the university. 

The Tory Burch one is gone, but if anyone wants the Madewell...$30 +shipping. It's literally barely been used. I just don't want/need it anymore. 

Madewell Transport Tote

 Laughing at...

 This is why Scott barely tolerates flying with me. I hate everything about it.

 I feel like this is us right now:

 I pretended to lick Jett back the other day and he was very confused.

If it wasn't for this blog, I wouldn't ever remember the date. Because I do have some pre-scheduled posts, I have a general idea of where we are in the year.

When my friend asked me if I had anyone to drive me to the hospital if Scott wasn't here and I went into labor early:

^^I wish I were kidding. 

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