June 26, 2018

Bookmarks, Videos, and Things

+No one actually watches the MTV Movie Awards anymore, right? But I have such a respect for Chris Pratt. Not only has he washed his hands of AH-na Faris (I don't like her very much), but he speaks such wisdom. 

And this is advice for everyone:

+This video is heart-breaking but I get it. I always knew I couldn't do this job for 30+ years, so my plan was always to move into higher education. Maybe someday. I'm waiting on the chance to get a masters. We've been busy and all. We'll see how the next few years go.

+This article on why the gender issue is affecting teacher walk-outs. The interesting thing is that this made PERFECT sense to me. I went into the profession knowing I'd have to make ends meet on my own and I was fine with that. When I got a job in Missouri, the principal apologized to me because I didn't have a Smartboard "yet" (I'd been hired late) and she made sure I got a big ABC area rug ASAP...brand new, right off the truck. I'd also been given everything I'd wanted/needed in Alaska, right off the bat too, including a 4-5 day conference at MIT in Boston, tons of valuable professional development, and one-on-one time with my building mentor and state mentor (free sub days to meet up at a coffee shop to go over things). 
When I got to Colorado, I had to make do with chalkboards, not enough books for students, and a heater I had to turn on myself every morning when I got to school. Maybe it's something about the southwest? (since Oklahoma and Arizona have the same struggles)

(Fun fact: going back to chalkboards...at some point this past year, they stopped cleaning my chalkboard that I used every day. I didn't have time/didn't want to clean it myself...and I didn't have the supplies to do so...so I just stopped using it.)

+Gretchen Rubin has some advice on clutter and keeping your home in order. While she has annoyed me lately and I can't listen to Happier the podcast these days, this is all pretty useful advice. Since we've downsized and a good share of our belongings are actually in storage, I'm making the best possible use of every inch of space I can find, without succumbing to clutter of course.

+I really want to get one of these name signs for the baby's room. I've been putting it off just because, and maybe it'll be something I splurge on for Christmas. I always feel slightly bad about myself when I think how we've not gone "all out" on his room but most military families don't (most, that is), just because it's usually pretty temporary. I wasn't going to insist on murals or specially designed walls or anything because it doesn't matter in the long run. Everything has to be easily moved and transferrable and I don't want to get attached to anything that's not.

I mean, currently, we have no living room furniture, so attached to things I am not.

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