November 30, 2017

Thursday Thoughts. (Stuff and Things, if you will)

+I don't like it when teachers use Elf on the Shelf in their classrooms. I get the "why" but it's not fair when you, the teacher, aren't controlling what kind of Christmas all those kids get for being "good". As a parent, you can do whatever you want. As a teacher, you can't give all 30 students the Christmas they deserve just by bribing them to be compliant in school. A friend of mine uses a Santa cam in her class and it just sends the wrong message, I think. Am I crazy here? We do not work in a wealthy or equitable area where everyone has a great Christmas.

+When will people realize that "fav" is not "fave"? Vowels have sounds. In this case, the magic "e" on "fave" makes the "a" say its name. "Fav" is not what you are phonetically going for when you mean "favorite". I promise. Please, let's stop this.

+I didn't go out on Black Friday and I have this theory that a lot of stores have special BF stock that is somehow a bit inferior to the rest of their merchandise. Like, the really heavily discounted items aren't made the same way as the rest of the stock. Honestly, I was thinking specifically of Old Navy and how that place can give you something amazing (like the hoodie I bought over the summer that was destroyed in the dryer when the zipper fell off...but it was amazing until that happened) or something cheap and feels like it should be on a Barbie and not on a person (like the hoodie I attempted to buy to replace it and will probably never wear because it feels like sandpaper). I was explaining this theory to a coworker, and then I looked down and realized I had bought my leggings ($10, 3 years ago) and my dress ($15, this past summer) at Old Navy. 

+Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a dream. I'm pretty excited for an American princess. This is the most adorable video ever. 

+I asked Scott why the dinosaurs went extinct but the birds didn't (a child may have asked me that yesterday). He said it was because of the "nuclear winter" and I had never heard that phrase before. It means the meteorite hit and caused climate change but apparently that's called a nuclear winter.
Here's the article I found that I'm going to make the kids read share tomorrow.  I briefly thought about showing this but it's a bit intense. 

+Speaking of teaching, this article is oddly powerful in saying that all those inspirational questions don't actually inspire anyone all that much (my paraphrase). They often inspire guilt for me, for example, and seem to be clearly written by people who aren't teachers.

+Who opens up at 2-pack of Starburst and gets two reds? Only me.

Hey, at least it's Thursday.


  1. I get what you mean about the elf on the shelf. Its like you promise them that if they're nice they'd get a good Christmas but its really not in your control.

    Im really loving the Harry and Meaghan duo!!

  2. I frequently get two of the same color in a Starburst pack. It's only bad because I keep going until I get one of each color.

    I hate the Elf period.

  3. I can't stand Elf on a Shelf whether it's in a classroom or someone's house. It just isn't my thing.

    YES to fav/fave. It's bad enough that our society feels it has to shorten every word anyway, but at least spell it correctly.

    I have to be honest, I've never understood the hype over the royal family. Like, we left England for a reason...maybe that should go in a confessions post of my own, where everyone will lambaste me because REAL LIFE PRINCESSES and all that.

  4. I feel the same way about Elf but as a grade we all had to do it because they were linked to activities etc. It gets tiring trying to think of things for that darn elf to do too!

    Have you visited Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado/Utah yet? You should, I have some memories of that place.

  5. I definitely don't agree with using the Elf in the classroom, it doesn't benefit the kid in any way.

  6. OMG! That article is SO true!! I totally have a love-hate relationship with teaching. Too often this year, it’s of the hate side. But it’s not always because of the kids. It’s most often because of the increasing demands.

  7. I honestly have a hard time believing that Elf on the Shelf is a real thing because I've literally only ever seen it on the internet--never in real life or in the home of anyone I know.
    Red starburst are my favorite so that would definitely be my first pick in twin-packs! haha!

  8. I got a Starburst pack in Halloween candy that had two pinks. Score!

    We have an Elf. I love the kids' excitement over finding the elf each morning. But as a parent, I hate the idea of teachers having them in the classroom. I dind't even know that was a thing until I read this.
    It's just not their place because like you said, they don't control what Santa brings and how the Christmas goes at home. I don't like that. And what about kids that don't have elves at home? Or don't do Christmas? Yup, nope...the more I think about it, the more I really am not a fan of the idea.


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