December 1, 2017

Friday Wins.

Because sometimes we just need to count what we can as a win and call it a week.

1. My mom's birthday is today and I got a card in the mail on time. She got the same treatment Scott did...the dogs signed it.

Scott's card

2.  I enjoy the fact that it's cold enough to wear pants at least every other day now. And boots. Boots make things easy and I don't have to remember to paint my toenails. Today I think it's supposed to be in the 60s though. Bleh.

3. I knocked out a ton of Christmas shopping yesterday. I got myself these two hoodies at Old Navy too. Yesterday, I questioned the quality and reputability (a word?) of Old Navy, but there's a reason why I went to the store to try these on first. I can attest to the quality now...if you need a zip-up, these are soft, thick for winter, and on sale now! They're also longer than they appear to be on the tall models on the website.

4. I read a couple of books this week instead of ignoring the library due dates. But I have 3 books I need to finish before December 14th and I just don't see that happening. Little Fires Everywhere, The Stranger in the House, and I'm Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter. I've been reading The Stranger in the House on and off all week, but had to finish Young Jane Young because it was due today. I downloaded a Christmas book I'd also like to read before Christmas but I have 2 others unfinished on my Kindle I should probably tackle first. I read in a very ADD kind of way.

5. I stayed mostly on top of paperwork this week, concerning school, but it never really ends so I'm just gonna have to let this idea of always being done with things go for now. Oh well.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. While I love ON prices, their sizing is questionable so I have to go into the store and try them on first because a size S can feel like a M on me. Rude.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom!

    ON is hit or miss for me quality-wise. I have had some things forever, others fall apart immediately. The sizing is also not standard at all!

  3. Not going to lie I ignore due dates on books constantly but do try my best to renew even if it's overdue.

    I'm headed to old Navy possibly this weekend. It's on my list.

  4. Old Navy is hit or miss for me. I like their workout clothes but overall, the quality is poor for adult clothes. My daughter has a ton of stuff from there that LASTS which is confusing.

  5. Old Navy is really hit or miss. Sometimes I can find TONS of stuff there. Other times I walk out with nothing. Happy Birthday to your mom!!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I like Old Navy a lot. I've only been able to shop there twice in my life but I maximised the experience as much as possible! I may or may not have had a dream that they opened up here. But I don't think that's a good thing to admit to so I'll move on.

    I'm excited that it's warm enough here to go out without a jumper every day! Well, apart from if you're going somewhere with arctic AC but that's another question.

  7. I am a tried and true lover of Old Navy! I especially like their workout clothes and jeans.


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