November 29, 2017

Planner Preview for 2018

I went with the old standby of the Erin Condren planner. I probably talked about it last year, but I got this one because I know I'll use it. They're functional and STURDY. 

Here is the post I did about 2017's planner, if you want to compare some features (some of us take our planners pretty seriously). 

If you're looking into trying an EC planner, here's what you can expect...

I went with houndstooth because it just is pretty to me. I don't love florals as much as I want to, but anything with a preppy twist is generally my thing. 


I use the calendar spreads for work, to plan out my month. I will (not so) shamefully admit that I have 99% of my lesson plans in my head and I don't even write things down anymore. (It's awful really...I just have piles of things for each day and each week because I've done this for awhile now.) But this calendar allows me see the big picture for my 9-5 life.

This is a new addition this year. I'm assuming it's for goals or things that stand out about each month? There's one at the beginning of each month.

This year, I went with the vertical layout, so as to plan my mornings and evenings (perhaps) more efficiently because I've been just writing down whatever,wherever in the horizontal layout. 

Some notes pages at the end...

Dotted bullet-journaling pages as well...

And then coloring...

And a forward look toward 2019...

The stickers are more fun this year. 

And a pocket.

They always throw in that perpetual calendar and I honestly have no idea why. 

What kind of planner are you looking to use this coming year? This is always such a first-world issue, right?


  1. nice! i use my Kikki K and I'm starting to prep for 2018. I make my own layouts/calendars/notes etc (because cheap).

  2. I like EC in theory but it just wasn't for me. I am loving using a bullet journal for real life and want to make one for work as well - much simpler, of course, but a single place to keep all of my notes about different projects (vs scrap paper that goes everywhere) is SO appealing. We'll see if it works, though.

  3. I like EC but the system I use now works better for me.

    I don't do a bullet journal but I do use a notebook in conjunction with a planner.

  4. I love the pattern you picked! This is the first year I cheated on EC, and ordered an Emily Ley - they're really pretty similar, but EL is local to Tampa, and I snagged one on sale, and now I'm hooked. But I do kind of miss my EC.

  5. I love my planner. I used the Happy Planner this year and I'm doing the same because it worked really well for me. I'm co-hosting a planner hop that starts Friday if you want to link this, or any other planner related post! We're not picky; it doesn't have to be new!


  6. I love what you chose! I need to get a new one.

  7. I guess its time to pull mine out & actually look at it. haha... I cant believe it gets put to use in just a few weeks. WHAT?

  8. One of these days, I will make someone buy me an EC planner. I love yours!!! I’m just not sure o use my current one as often as I should. I use the monthly layout but really nothing else. And half the time, I remember things because I’ve written them down and I don’t even look at the planner!


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