October 13, 2017

Lowlights and Highlights

Funny story....I was going to write a goals post to recap September and set up October and then I realized October was half over and just oh well. I don't have a goal or goals really. I can make things up but that'd make more work for me. I make enough work for myself.

Then, I was going to list out a bunch of things I don't like, but then I watched the wildfire coverage in California and was like okay, never mind. I know too well how you can fear fire, so I don't want to wave my pitiful complaints around.

So here's a list of things from the week. Highlights and lowlights. Mostly lowlights because that's how it's been rolling lately.

1. The furnace broke Monday. I was so looking forward to the cooler weather and the sudden cold snap this week hit...just in time for the furnace to stop working. I cannot even with this. Scott's advice (other than "call your dad" because my dad does HVAC but he lives far away so that's not helpful) was "Wait until Saturday or call someone". Well, calling someone would be a service call charge, they'd have to order parts, and then they'd have to come back to fix it. Scott can order the parts online and fix it (fingers crossed) this weekend. My dad would also tell me to call someone, I'm sure, but none of that solves the immediate problem of the house being 60 degrees. So I decided to wait it out. And plug in the electric heater. I don't want to see this electric bill this month.

2. The pipes leading into the hot water heater are leaking and making a weird sound. Scott said I "should be fine" until he gets home this weekend.

3. We're still juggling vehicles left and right. Maybe after the furnace and the pipes are fixed (let's all pray on this), Scott can move onto that.

4. I am swamped at work. Scott is swamped with school. He sends me pictures of homework problems. I send him pictures of things kids make for me. These pictures are the highlights of my days.

Karen. Karen. 

5. We said good-bye to another army family this week, as they were PCSing. Technically, we "left" before they did but they're moving across the country. Scott's 1st Sgt. from 19 months of command dropped off his plaque before they headed out.

It reminded me of, back in Alaska, how I used to build plaques when Scott was an XO. Every officer who leaves gets a plaque. They take hours and hours to make. The flag is the original guidon that hung from their base in Afghanistan. When the company is working, the flag is out. When they come back or go home, they take the flag down. It's a big deal but I didn't know much about it until he was in command.

6. I wanted to go to a Steelers game while we're home next week but I cannot pay $400 for two tickets (see all the above-mentioned repairs). Like, I could because that's obviously what credit cards are for... But I won't. Maybe we'll watch it at a bar in Pittsburgh instead because that's where we'll be (in Pittsburgh, not hanging out in bars.. but maybe...)

7. A highlight is that the #GreatPumpkinSwap is underway! Packages should be going out within the next two weeks.

So, these were mostly lowlights but it is what it is. I think I'll highlight my hair this weekend...


  1. aww it's so cute when kids make you things! sorry to hear about the pipe troubles; that sucks,

  2. I bet its hard to get attached to families & then leave or seperate. Just another thing in military life I cant imagine.
    Ahh - I bet those pictures do totally make your day.
    Adult Life with things breaking & responsibilities - not as fun as you think it'd be when you're little.

  3. Do you keep your student goodies year after year or are they trashed when room clean up time comes?

    Maybe you can find cheap day of tickets when up there. Have fun!

  4. That is one of my favorite things about Kyle's plaque from the company, is having the original guidon. He treasures that I think more than anything else he has.


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