September 13, 2017

September Goals


My last goals post was in April. Or was it March?

I don't remember.
I did have goals for May, but then May ended up being pure survival mode.

Then it was summer and goals don't matter in the summer, obviously.

August was stressful and busy.

But now it's almost fall and the world can right itself again.

So here's a few things I want to stay on top of this month...

1. Get my school work/grading done during the week. Scott is away during the week these days so I have no excuse not to get it all done while I sit around and watch TV. Then I can enjoy the weekends.

2. Finish the most recent season of Once Upon a Time. It's on Netflix now and that makes it so much easier to watch for some reason. I attempted it on Hulu in June and that didn't work out. I don't actually know if I'll finish it because's boring me.

3. Finalize plans for traveling to Pennsylvania in October. I need a dress/shoes, we need plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc. (etc.)...there's a lot of "etc" happening here. I need to arrange for the dogs' care and for the time I'll miss  from school (which will probably only be two days or so but still...#planningahead). My brother is getting married.

4. Maintain 30 minutes of Pilates a day. I can do's just a matter of taking care of it before I get too tired at night because then I'll just give up and go to bed. I'm doing well so far.

5. Get The Great Pumpkin Swap organized and off the ground. Yes, we ARE pumpkin-swapping again! Sign-ups start on 9/25 so mark your calendar to join in with me and Becky if you're interested!

What goals do you have this month? I need inspiration for October.


  1. I am so excited for the pumpkin swap!!! Thank you ladies for hosting once again!

    1. I'm glad you'll be joining! It's such a tradition at this point!

    2. It really is! I always look forward to it.

  2. Great goals. Best of luck with them!

  3. These are all great goals! I like the getting the grading done--I know that's a huge weight!

  4. I just watched the last 3 episodes of OUAT & I was good with that. haha. I heard it was a stupid season actually.

  5. I am definitely looking forward to the swap! Fall is coming! I am trying to incorporate Yoga into my daily routine. I found one video on Youtube I liked. Do you have any suggestions for finding workout videos (pilates, etc) online?

  6. I am keen for the swap! I need to keep on top of doing my physio exercises every day. I'm thinking I need to motivate myself with a star chart or something...


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