March 3, 2017

Fortunate(ly it's) Friday

It has been a week.  Or rather, it started off as a week. Then it got better. As most weeks do when Monday is over.

I'm feeling fortunate that our house did not burn down on Monday. I'm fortunate that the huge grassfire that engulfed almost 4,000 acres about 3 miles from our house didn't get to us. I'm feeling fortunate because no homes were lost at all. People and animals are safe. A few out-buildings (think: treehouse or old shed) were burned, along with two vehicles, but none of the houses.

I'm feeling fortunate that we didn't even have to evacuate, but 600 people nearby did.

I'm feeling fortunate that Scott did, in fact, pick up and leave work when I called him to tell him what was happening. I didn't have to deal with this alone, the way I did last spring when I was packing up valuables and trying to decide what vehicle to take in case the dogs and I had to leave.

My "go" bags.

I'm fortunate that the fire was contained within the day and this wasn't some multi-day devastating event. I could go to bed feeling at least okay.

I'm fortunate that, even though the phone lines ended up being down for a day or so, CenturyLink got to work and the internet and phones were restored very quickly. This meant that the local school didn't have to cancel more than one day.

I'm fortunate for, most of all, my dear friend who started prepping her guest room for us "just in case". I didn't even have to ask.

I'm fortunate for the teeny bit of snow/moisture we got the next day. Even though more warm and windy weather is on the way.

Living here is NOT for the faint of heart. That's more or less all I have to say about that. I read the Little House on the Prairie books dozens of times and they were always so afraid of fire and now I see why.

However, Ma has her "All's well that ends well" saying, so that has more or less become my personal motto in the last few years.

Me, taking a very unsafe-while-driving picture, but the road was blocked off ahead so it's not like I was doing much more than crawling. You can see the burned land as the fire moves to the north (the left). 

I'll send you the link to the information about the fire if you need to triangulate my location to the whole world. 

Here's to the weekend and checking a few things off of my March goals list.


  1. So glad to hear you are okay and that no homes or people were lost. What a scary situation. Glad you had Scott home too. Hope you have a good weekend!!

  2. Goodness, glad everything is okay! I remember a huge brush fire about two blocks away from where I lived in Oklahoma and it was TERRIFYING. You don't even realize how scary huge fires like that are until they're threatening YOUR house.

  3. I am SO glad that you guys are ok!!! Kyle's cousin lost her house in the fires there a few years ago and it was awful.

  4. So scary! I remember going through this very briefly in CA. Fire makes me nervous as I'm sure you felt too. There is so much to consider. I'm glad they contained it so quickly. Hoping that is the end of it!


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