June 5, 2017


So this thing is happening again where I hate the weekends. I was commiserating with a friend whose husband is also gone on the weekends a lot and she's feeling it too. Like how do you HATE the weekends? It's really easy during deployments. 

Watching...I mentioned that I've been watching just about everything. Also I just ordered Julie and Julia from Amazon because I really love that movie (didn't like the book). Other than that, I've spent the last week watching all the shows I've been neglecting for the last 8 months. I am so disappointed with Once Upon a Time, I can't even put it into words. I stopped at like episode 13 because I can't even watch...it's circling the drain.
I attempted the new 90210 because why not and it's on Netflix...it's not good.
So I went  back to Weeds reruns because Weeds might be the best show that was ever written.

Reading...The Good Widow and The Forgetting Time. BOTH ARE UNPUTDOWNABLE. Grab one or both now.

Listening....podcasts about The Bachelorette. And I really like Elizabeth Craft's Happier in Hollywood podcast. It's very real and interesting without the Gretchen Rubin approach...I love Gretchen's books but she can be a bit overbearing.

Dreading...I'm not actually dreading anything. I'm glad I have a month or two to just relax and process. Actually, I'm dreading the yardwork that I need to start doing this week...summer is here and Scott won't be back for a bit...I can't put it off forever.

Wondering.... about ordering a RTIC mug. What do you think?

Believing...massages are necessary. I had one yesterday that I scheduled weeks ago because I "would deserve it".

Attempting...to get back into Pilates after weeks of not doing Pilates. I stopped around May 10th and then started again on May 31st. This is the longest amount of time I've not done Pilates in 2+ years. I thought about trying to get back into yoga first but inversions aren't something I wanted to jump into right away so I might put yoga off for a few more weeks. 

Laughing at....Bored Teachers has some funny stuff. This one when students complain about schedules, etc: that is above my paygrade.  Also, #12 on that list all the way.

Focusing on...

Planning...on doing little productive things each day. Saturday was recycling all of the cardboard boxes. Sunday was organizing the closet in the guest room (this took a couple of days). Today will be a stop at the post office, after the dreaded trip to the vet for yearly shots. I would gladly pay someone to do the vet trip for me today :(

Eating...I get so bored with regular chicken, so I've been making a lot of chicken sausage lately. Scott hates it, so I make it while he's away and send him pictures of what he's missing. Makes him not miss home quite so much.

Drinking...warm lemon water in the morning. I put two slices in the mug, fill it with hot water, and it's really refreshing first thing in the morning. Also, I need to start making some iced tea or something to keep in the fridge...I was on a steady diet of Gatorade for the last two weeks, and I've lost the taste for plain water. Do you have a good recipe for a no-calorie summertime drink?

Anyway. Here's to a new week.

Man, I miss the good old episodes of good TV.


  1. I use those liquid Crystal Light things(bottles?) not the powder cause I don't want grit in my water LOL. I looove the strawberry lemonade.
    We watched the new 90210 when it came out a few years ago and watched a couple seasons, because it's one of those shows where we really liked the drama and the gossip and sometimes it's so bad it's good, but then we moved and lost the channel and this was like, before Hulu, so we keep saying we'll finish it now that it's on Netflix, but knowing us we'd probably start it all over! First things first, gotta finish rewatching Breaking Bad!

  2. I always have intentions of buying lemons for water & always forget. UGH.
    I've seen some of the funniest teacher memes this past week with the last week of school going around

  3. massages = 100% support in getting them...i book one once a month because treat yoself!

  4. I like iced tea with orange and lemon slices and mint for non-water drinking!

  5. I'm an unsweetened iced tea fanatic, between that and water that's all I drink.

  6. I love massages too and I get them monthly - they are covered by my health insurance through work so there's no reason for me not to! I usually just get my massage therapist to loosen up my tense neck/back/shoulders and I feel amazing for a few weeks afterwards.
    I like that carbonated water - I think it would be La Croix in the states but we have different brands here :) A little bit of flavour but no extra calories and feels a bit like a treat.

  7. You could always do infused water with fruit and veggies (like cucumbers). Pinterest has some good ideas for that one.

  8. I love Julie and Julia (the movie), too. I haven't read the book.

    The tumbler looks nice, good color choice too.

    I'm team unsweetened iced tea. With lemon.

  9. Sometimes for variety, every once in awhile I'll do the Propel or Crystal Light packet things. Speaking of massages, I need to reschedule one that they cancelled. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. I have an RTIC cup and I love it! I don't have a Yeti but the RTIC does keep ice overnight, yada yada, totally worth the $10-15 investment, depending on the size and style or whatever. It was a gift but I'm happy to have it and the creators I guess are based out of Cypress, TX which is a Houston suburb. Yay Texas.

    I love chicken sausage. Andrew could take it or leave it but when I find a new variety in the grocery store, I get way too happy.


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