June 2, 2017

5 Lame Things I Did This Week.

Besides nap.

1. I cleaned out my Pinterest boards. For real. I went through everything that seemed dumb or irrelevant or things I didn't have plans to implement in my life and got rid of it. This took an enormous amount of time and I could likely still whittle it down some more.

2.  Caught up on ALL of New Girl.

3.  Caught up on ALL of Once Upon a Time. Well, I tried: I'm on episode 10 of this past season.

4. Started watching ALL the new episodes of Jane the Virgin that are on Netflix now. No spoilers here, but I was ready to turn it off and go to bed and then nope...I was up very late.

5. Went to acupuncture twice. I hated my acupuncture experience in Missouri and I don't love this experience necessarily, but it makes me feel so much better afterward. Does anyone thinks it feels good at the time?

I admit that I am sick of the internet.
I'm sick of "feeds", be it IG, Twitter, or Pinterest.
I'm tired of scrolling.
I'm tired of reading. I'm in the middle of quite a few books right now.
I'm nearly out of things to watch.
Do you have a show to suggest for the weekend?
I wanted to go get some flowers to plant but we'll see...we get a hailstorm, on average, 4 times a week so living things generally don't fare well here.
Also, I'm so tired of online shopping. It's positively exhausting, the way I keep spending money.
In addition, the dogs go to the vet on Monday (this was supposed to be last week but I didn't feel up to wrangling them at the vet...that takes energy I don't have).
And maybe I should think about mowing the field a bit?


  1. I really need to go through my Pinterest boards. That would take forever though...sigh.

    I really need to watch more on Netflix, so I don't really have many suggestions. Santa Clarita Diet was good and a quick one. I don't know if it's on there still, but I LOVE the show Psych.


  2. I need to go through my Pinterest boards sometime. I wish I had a good Netflix show to recommend - we're about to start the new season of House of Cards. I have tons of books I could recommend but if you're needing a book break (totally understandable) that might not help. If you're looking for something relatively mindless but fun, check out the website Sporcle and do some trivia quizzes ;)
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. i LOVE acupuncture; I go on a regular basis (once a month) for my face and general relaxation. it's also cured a lot of my physical ailments and muscle injuries.

    when you're tense during needle insertion, you 'feel' it more so it's best to try and stay relaxed.
    you can do some deep breathing during the process so you don't feel it as much ie. big inhale and then big exhale when the needle is being inserted. i do that for the sensitive spots on my face.
    there's also a technique where they can slightly pinch the skin to insert the needle. my practitioner is amazing; i don't even feel it when she's putting in the needles (in my body); it's my face that's a bit more sensitive.

    they can also use thinner needles. my acu uses the thinnest ones possible for me. i'm ok with them now but when i started going to her 10+ yrs ago, i was so nervous that she's been using the thin ones since although i'm sure she could switch to regular ones and i would be fine since i'm so used to it now.

  4. I have always wanted to try acupuncture, but don't know if I'd enjoy it or not. What do you get it for? I have friends who have treatments (are they called treatments? LOL...sessions?) for allergies, and swear by it!

  5. Evenwood is one of my all time favorites and it's now on CW Seed if you didn't watch it in the early 2000s. My husband got me into it and it's lovely. I also love Chuck and Pushing Daisies if you can find either of those streaming. What didn't you like about Jane? Too calm? I knew what was coming bc of twitter but still loved watching it play out. And that's all I'll say since I don't know where you're at...

  6. I just finished the client list on Netflix. Then I hear there's an Anne of Green gables thing on there now that I need to check out.

  7. I am preparing to eviscerate my pinterest boards.

  8. I've never done acupuncture and have no desire to...

    I've not been a fan of the internet/feeds lately, either. I deleted Twitter, I quit using Facebook a while ago, and while I don't plan to get rid of Instagram, I find myself checking it half as often as I used to.

  9. I need to tidy up my pinterest boards. Desperately.

    I also need to catch up on "Jane the Virgin."

  10. I'm so glad that this acupuncture experience has been better for you. I did it a few times and it does help.


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