June 6, 2017

A summer Monday

I wrote a day-in-the-life post awhile back and it was so mind-numbingly depressing that I never published it. It basically encompassed what January to the middle of May looked like and it was gross. Basically: get up early, work all day, attempt to better myself, fail at that (more on this later), walk the dogs, eat dinner alone while watching t.v., husband gets home between 8pm-midnight. Alarms start going off at 4:30am the next morning (PT and such).

No one wants to rehash that...certainly not me, because with Scott leaving and the end of the school year, it got worse before it got better. It's almost "better" now.

THIS is the typical summer day for a stay-at-home-dog-mom (my summer occupation).

The one day I have somewhere to be before 9am, the dogs sleep in. They had me up at 6am for the last several days in a row. I get up at 7:09 and get everything packed up and ready to go to the vet. Drink coffee and water while I read a few blogs. I can't eat breakfast until I've been up for at least an hour, so I forego that.

Leave the house, with doggie supply bag, for vet appointment.

Vet appointment. Just burn cash money in a bonfire and that's basically what a yearly vaccination appointment looks like for us.

Wrangle the dogs back into the truck. Go to the dog park because I want to tire them out without worrying about rattlesnakes in our field. I'm so freaking sick of worrying about rattlesnakes.

Eat a protein bar while the dogs play. Jett stands beside me and makes friends with the toddlers who are there with their moms and dogs. I'm always shockingly impressed with this ginger when he's around kids. He stood there and let a couple of the little kids hug him and pet him and I didn't for a second worry about him getting spooked or snapping. He's just so patient in this way with people, and I told Scott about it.

Scout does whatever he wants because that's how Scout is.

Stop for gas and arrive home around noon. Kick myself for not taking the empty gas containers with me...I need to get gas in order to mow this week.

Eat lunch. (eggs/bacon/avocado/chips)

Take care of some online to-do list tasks (RF stuff, paperwork, etc)

Listen to a podcast (48 minutes) and see how many chores I can get done in that time.

Make a smoothie (I manage to cram 70+ grams of protein into smoothies these days).

Look for a new library book online. Find none. Decide this isn't productive.

Drive the 2 miles to the mailbox. Nothing good.

Finish a book and then try to take a nap.

It doesn't work. I think I feel kind of sick and dehydrated because 1. This altitude when it's warm out, 2. I think I tried to accomplish too much outside before noon (I'm convinced this is a real thing).

Watch a few re-runs of Weeds.

Cautiously walk the dogs, watching for snakes.

Water all the plants.

Finish the laundry.

Contemplate dinner but I still feel kind of sick. Drink a ginger ale instead.

Re-runs of Weeds and write this blog post.

Take a shower.

30 minutes of s-l-o-w Pilates.

Protein shot, popsicle, and crackers because eating something is sometimes necessary.


Believe it or not, this is a million times more interesting and full of more accomplishments than a typical workday that's a Monday. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing? The nice thing is that there's plenty more Mondays left in summer. 


  1. That sounds WAY more interesting than my day was yesterday!

  2. This sounds fun!! I like the idea of putting on a podcast and getting as much done in that time as you can!

  3. Ugh the yearly vaccinations stress me out!

  4. OK - how are you cramming in all that protein??? I have such a hard time finding ways to get protein in a day. I do good if I get in 40 grams a day -how sad is that??

  5. I love a meandering day and it's always 100% more interesting than a work day.

  6. I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for a library book last night instead of just going to bed. I found one, and then the app wouldn't let me access it. I feel your pain there.

  7. So I went through a solid two weeks of not being able to find a library book I wanted to read(that was also currently available) so instead I re-read a couple favorites, but I've had 6-10 books on hold at the library for a couple months now. They have allllll become available in the last week. This morning I woke up to THREE email alerts that books have been checked out and sent to my Kindle. I mean, I have a lot of really great books to read and luckily I'm reading three or so books a week but still...feast or famine over here in bookland.
    What is this smoothie with 70g of protein? Share! I don't think mine are nearly that, I've been using half scoops of protein powder in mine, so they're probalby 40g-ish?


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