August 23, 2016

Currently Listening

I'm not a huge music lover. I go through phases. At this point, I only really listen to music when I'm driving and sometimes at school, and it's usually just Pandora because I'm pretty picky about things. Taking chances with the radio is an annoying waste of time.

I think I'll always be a country music fan. I didn't plan on that. I liked it as a kid, abhorred it for a good 15-20 years, and now it's come full circle.
Most people don't like it. 

For example: we were at the first staff meeting/breakfast of the year last week and the new administrator asked my coworker and I what kind of music she should put on while everyone sat around eating and talking; we were sitting right next to her and her laptop/speakers. This was pure chance. 
I'm pretty sure no one who knew us ever would've asked because we said "country". 
Most people in Colorado Springs don't listen to country music. 
She asked Really??? and we nodded. She, being way too nice, put on country music and we were in awe that it had actually happened. Most people I know listen to [I suppose what you would call] Top 40 stuff. I can't stand that. Or emo-ish stuff. Of Monsters and Men/Lumineers-style music is big, right?
All this to say, we will never get to pick the music again. 
However, in my own classroom, I can listen to whatever I want...

George Strait is King George. 
It doesn't matter what kind of country you like; everyone likes George Strait. His music keeps getting better.

Finally, no picture here, but this is a country love song that references the Mississippi River, sunsets, and Tom Petty. Also, whiskey and wine. 

And speaking of muscadine...does anyone have a website they order wine from? We discovered muscadine wine in Missouri and you can't find it this far north. 


What kind of music are you {currently} listening to?


  1. I'm the same way when it comes to music, I have to be in a mood for it and I usually have a morning show that I listen to that trumps music.

  2. We are mostly music most of the time, with eclectic taste.

  3. So, wine ordering has more to do with what state you're having it shipped to.
    For example, I live in Kansas, land of the strict liquor laws where prohibition would still reign if possible.
    I cannot have liquor shipped to my address.
    I could if I lived in Missouri.
    And I know of quite a few Missouri wineries that will ship wine, as long as your state allows. Colorado is progressive, maybe you can get wine shipped from MO?

  4. I used to listen to country music quite a bit when I lived in Oklahoma, but that's because I lived in Oklahoma. I do appreciate some country still but I don't listen to it much these days,. I like the "emo" stuff like Of Monsters and Men. ;)

    Funny you blogged about music today, I did the same thing.

  5. I listen to mostly country music too. Not huge in New York, but I love it.

  6. I am a country fan but haven't listened much lately. I think I got turned off to it last summer when every song pretty much sounded the same.

  7. I occasionally listen to country, but mostly older country. I'm not a fan of the newer stuff.

    I agree that trying to listen to the radio is a waste of time. Before we had satellite radio I spent the majority of car trips flipping through stations trying to find something worth listening to.

  8. Growing up in Texas, country music is part of the culture. Yes, I am a self-professed fan of most rock/hard rock music. I like other genres too. Country isn't one that I listen to any modern versions of it, unless they are from tried and true artists like King George. I like Keith Urban too. Can't help it, I'm a sucker for a pretty boy who plays a good guitar. And, his songs are so dang catchy.

  9. I gravitate towards rock/hard rock but will listen to some other genres. My husband is a big country fan when he listens to music so we have a mix going on.

  10. i didn't even know anything about country music until i met my friend from kentucky, and then i just got obsessed with it. by the time i actually moved here i think i overdosed on it and i'm not really a fan anymore, but i still like all the stuff i used to like, if that makes sense. i just don't seek out new stuff. but you are right, everyone likes george strait :) my favourite is i've got a car.

  11. As I'm sure you know, I LOVE country music. I listened to it in high school, and then thought I didn't like it any more for quite a few years (like you). Now, though, it really is my go-to. There really aren't any country artists that I DON'T like. My favorite is Carrie Underwood, of course!


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