August 24, 2016

Why I can't wear pants during August

Friday is always jeans day and while I have strong opinions about it in one sense, I also would like to make it known that I used to wear jeans to school a lot. I wore them every Friday, without fail, in Alaska. I wore them every Friday, without fail, in Missouri.  It all worked out just fine.

The issue right now is that my classroom is so hot that I physically cannot wear jeans. Or pants in general. In fact, many teachers are wearing leggings and boots. Part of the beauty of being a teacher is that I get to dress for the weather. I don't have a uniform. I've discovered that if I don't wear a dress or skirt, it's wildly uncomfortable. The temperature settles in at 80 degrees around noon. That's not an exaggerated number. I can't focus, the kids can't focus, and we all want to just fall asleep. Have you tried to keep the attention of that many nine year olds who are hot, and tired, and cranky, and still want it to be summer vacation? It's exhausting.

The other day, a kid told me he needed a cup of coffee to stay awake.

Then someone else said it a few days later.

Then I was asked if I needed coffee too.

While I wish we could take a trip to Starbucks at 1:30pm every day, we can't.

This linen dress was a terrible choice for a hot day. Lesson learned.
It's fit and flare, from the Gap. The sweater is Loft, about a month ago. The sandals are $13 from Target. 
(Is there another place to buy sandals? Should they ever cost more than $15?)


  1. I wear dresses or skirts most days. Hot climate + no air-conditioning at home, chasing kids all day long...yep, comfy cotton dresses are my best solution. On weekends or when I'm actually going somewhere with air-con like the mall or church, I'll wear jeans not-so-comfy dresses. haha!

  2. Some people are wearing leggings here and I don't even know how. It's like 95F plus so much humidity. I barely want to wear clothes!

  3. The up side is it's really cute on you! I always love legging/boot season, but even I haven't started that yet. It's still between 80s and 90s here daily, and there's no way lol.

  4. I'm definitely more comfortable in a dress than I am in pants, 99% of the time.

  5. I want so badly to be on the dress train but I have to dress a bit more business-y so finding a dress that fits, has a conservative neckline, is long enough, and looks good and isn't $60+ is hard! The one you're wearing would be perfect. Also, as much as I don't like Forever 21, there's one walking distance to my office and I got some $7 sandals there a few years ago that I love. In case you ever need a Target alternative...

  6. Out of curiosity, are you allowed to wear shorts? Like dressy-type shorts with maybe a blouse and cardigan or something? Or are you only allowed to wear dresses if you don't want to wear pants?

    That's cute and sad that 9 year olds are saying they need coffee. I don't think I was allowed to drink coffee until high school...

  7. You sound like me - I hate to pay more than $20 for sandals.

  8. sandals should never cost more than $15. like even from target, when i see them for $30 i'm like you are on crack target. come back to me when you have a sale.
    i love the heat, but never in a work environment.. i remember our ac broke at one job once and we were all in the conference room and i legit almost fell asleep. i hate the cold, but i don't want to fall asleep at work, so... haha.
    that dress is pretty though, even if it wasn't a great choice.

  9. I hate that time of year when it's really not comfortable to wear jeans on dress down day. It's not fun to be too hot, and it's definitely not fun to be dressed up when no one else is...especially when you PAY to dress down like we do!


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