May 23, 2016

Weekend things.

In case you missed it....This weekend, I wrote about my own personal Office-related Beach Day and then I shared my favorite chocolate chip pancakes and then I compared a movie to a book. This blogging every day thing is wearing me out.

And because of that, and because I got into the habit of posting at night last week, I had to post at night one night and first thing in the morning the next day in order to get back on schedule.
I'm not really running out of things to say exactly; blogging every day can just be exhausting because it takes time and (a bit of) forethought.


This weekend I did some chores inside and outside.

Did some snake hunting.

Got the swamp cooler/evaporative cooler working <<My greatest accomplishment to date. This will keep the house between 65-70 degrees all summer (it will be 80-95 outside) without the electricity use of AC or the chemicals/coolants.

Wrapped Scout's birthday present.

Got a box ready to send to Scott.

I went to Target to get Father's Day cards, and ended up just looking at the "To Dad from the Dog" cards. 

Put together end-of-the-year candy bags for staff members who are leaving.

Watched some Banshee.

Met a friend for lunch.

Drove the giant diesel truck into town to get more gas for the mower because I ran out of gas in the middle of the field. <<Figuring out how to use a tie-down strap on the spot is my second greatest accomplishment to date. 

Mentally prepared myself for the last 3 days of school. 2 half days for kids, 3 days for me. Easy enough.

I did not: read, vacuum, get my pedicure (yet...the weather was terrible last weekend and I was busy this weekend), or work on fixing the guest bathroom drain. Now that I don't have papers to grade, I suppose I have many weekends to do these things, right?


  1. So envious of your last three days of school! I have a month left after today!!

  2. You go girl getting things to work. Three more days! Then you can be Mrs. Fix-It 24/7.

  3. I don't even want to know how long it took you (and how big of a mess it made) getting the dogs to cooperate for those paw prints. The card turned out super cute though!

    Is Banshee good? It has 8.4 stars on IMDB but I don't trust them.


  4. That card is adorable! I don't think I could manage blogging every day, it's rough just doing it 2-3 days a week! haha

  5. Sounds like some great accomplishments! And that card is totally adorable! We are done with school on Thursday next week. This year has gone by so quickly!


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