May 24, 2016

Here's to not packing up my stuff again

Every year, I feel like I rehash my resume in an attempt to explain the constant upheaval of the last few years. This is the first year in which I'm not moving, yet I feel the need to rehash again...just to make my point. 

This is the first year since the spring of 2012 in which I will not be packing up my classroom and moving to a new school. It's a really weird feeling to be getting things ready for next year without packing up dozens of cardboard boxes.

It's the real thing when the trimmer comes down.

My first classroom was 2010-2011. Then when another teacher moved, I lobbied for her room (a better room) and moved into it for 2011-2012. I stayed in the same place for 2012-2013. Then I packed up and moved to Missouri for 2013-2014. Then I packed up and moved to Colorado for 2014-2015. THEN, I got a position at a different school (my first voluntary school move ever) and packed up and moved across town for this past school year. I've only ever been in the same room for two years in a row. But I've taught for 6 years now. Those are startling statistics to me.

So, for next year, I will be in the same place, doing the same thing, with the exact same people. That is very strange to me and, I admit, seems a little boring. I feel like cleaning out files, and packing up boxes, and moving around furniture. I'm so used to that part of springtime. However, I will use this energy to get ready for next year. To be honest, I feel like it's time to PCS because we've been here for two years now.

I have NO idea where we're going next or how long from now that will be or what our long-term plan is. These days, having no plan has become my plan. While that's kinda nice (I get bored easily), it's such an odd way to live.

In fact, if Scott stays in the military, we may get to stay here for a few more years (if all goes according to a fictitious plan) or we could choose to go just about anywhere for what it is that he wants to do. We could even go back to a place we've already been...because it's terrifying to move somewhere new. I truly have no idea what's coming next. Which is part of why I focus on one week at a time right control anyway, so I won't worry about that part of things.

As for this summer, I plan on REALLY focusing on getting some teaching material on this blog. Pinning-tips that make sense (i.e. not stuff from Buzzfeed), strategies, etc. I'm not one to make my own worksheets for or anything (I just steal everyone else's...), but I have a wealth of information to offer at this point, so I'll be putting that out there.

Cheers to the end of another school year!


  1. I'm glad you don't have to pack up your classroom! I know that has to be a good feeling. :)

  2. Yay for summer break - explore that glorious state of yours while you're at it :)

  3. oh my gosh, i thought that link was teachers spay teachers and i was like wtf. hahaha. my brain is tired.
    yay for summer break and not having to pack things up! having no plan seems like a good plan, or taking it one week at a time. it makes sense. good luck with getting all the teaching things on the blog - hopefully your tips will make buzzfeed realise their idiocy. lol.

  4. I was just saying today that I think the stress of May pushes me toward excitement for the next school year. I love refining what I've done during the current school year and brainstorming new (and better!) ideas for the next.

    And it's getting warmer. I like that, too.


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