May 20, 2016

Beach Day

I had this picture jump into my mind as my class was 17 stations into a TWENTY-TWO station outdoor rotation of games today.

It was Field Day today, which is nothing but a day of games and "fun" at the end of the school year. Just about every elementary school does one. And the picture that jumped into my mind was the beach day episode of The Office. Field Day is the Beach Day of my profession.

My job was just to write down scores. 40 yard dash, long jump, bean bag toss, base run, etc.

I also did a lot of yelling instructions.

Our last station was water dodgeball. The kids decided to seek their revenge on me.  Apparently I've forced them to do schoolwork all year. They were vicious about it and I was soaked and chased and I actually ran quite a distance and they followed. I've never seen this group of kids commit to a task in such a way.

Now I'm tired, sunburnt, and I still feel gross from dirty dodgeball water even after a shower.



  1. We had field day on Thursday but the specialists/paras/parents run it, we just take the kids from station to station. It wasn't bad but man I was exhausted that night. You on break yet?

  2. We just finished our last day of school yesterday!!!

  3. Hahahaha...I read your first paragraph and hadn't even scrolled down to see your gifs yet and my immediate thought was "OMG. IT'S BEACH DAY."

    Love/hate when The Office comes to life...

  4. I love this! But no hot coal walking? Also, I realized I quote The Office at least daily and "slide it down your gullet" is definitely in my rotation...

  5. Hilarious! I loved that episode of The Office, and hated field day as a kid...can't imagine how much more the teachers hated it.


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