April 7, 2016

Stuff and Things 4/7

I always knew this day would come.

Next week, APRIL 14TH, is going to be the last Stuff & Things link-up. 

Making decisions that affect other people is really difficult for some reason but I feel a very real sense of relief now that this decision is made. Back in December, it was starting to stress me out..getting this link together every week and whatnot.

(And I should add that Joey was the actual one creating the code for the link-up each week. I used to do it and then I found myself doing it on Wednesday nights and so she just started mandating it as something she would do on Sundays and would send it to me then and that's how things have gone for the last few months.)

I was running out of things to say, things I didn't want to say were being thrown out there instead of things I needed to say, etc. Joey asked if I wanted to stop it in January and I said No....no....let's keep going. So we kept going with it.  There were days when I couldn't blog and yet I felt the need to send my regards, and there were days when Joey couldn't blog and she did the same. That's a very odd thing to do, if you think about it. The hazards of a link-up, I suppose?

While I do blog most weekdays, knowing I had to have a post ready to go by Thursday morning (at 12:30am because that's when my posts go up automatically) was wearing me down. While I do love to make lists of things and talk about random t.v. shows and purchases and show some funny Pinterest finds, it's just not where I need to be, in an authentic way, right now.

Plus, Joey is transitioning her blog into an exciting new project. Keep an eye out for it!

So the timing is good to just wrap it up gracefully. I heard that quote somewhere...It's good to know when to quit. Whether that's a job, a hobby, a relationship of some kind, etc. This just feels good.

And it affects like .00000000008% of the blogging population. Actually, less. So, onward...

We do MORE than appreciate everyone who has joined us each Thursday for the last two years!

Stuff, Things, etc.

+Have you listened to The Armchair Librarians? It's a podcast you can search for on iTunes.

I so rarely get to talk books with people in real life because it seems like I don't have a lot of friends who read often. I'll read fiction, non-fiction, and try just about anything. A lot of my friends in the past have read specific genres ("bestsellers"*, Christian fiction, etc) and I like to broaden my horizons through reading and I've found some of the best books ever through blog friends.

Anyway, listening to Steph and Jana talk books makes me feel like I'm listening to friends talk about books and I really enjoy that.

*Bestsellers has quotations because a lot of them are awful.

+I was supposed to show you a picture of my outfit yesterday but my camera card died. So a perfectly good outfit picture gone to waste. Let's just hope it was the camera card and not the actual camera.
Instead you see me in my after-work gear.

+I've been taking some professional development classes and I must rant: spelling is a basic skill.
Your ability to spell will, unfortunately, be how I judge you. I hate that about myself, but it's true. When there are groups of (high school) teachers spelling model as "modle", weaknesses as "weaknessess" and responsibility as "responsibity", my eye starts to twitch.
If you're jotting down notes, fine. Spell things however you want. But if you're putting it on a poster to display to the class, you deserve to be judged (right??).

+And this. It made me want to chuckle and cry at the same time because it's absolutely the truth.

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  1. I think the best word you could use to describe your feelings about the link-up is wanting to present yourself in an "authentic" way. I applaud that. I also mention The Armchair Librarians in this week's link-up! I laughed hysterically at your spelling rant.

  2. Totally going to listen to this podcast. Thanks for the recommendation! Good luck on future endeavors. Ending things is sometimes just right.

  3. I sadly also judge by spelling. My mom is actually terrible at all things grammar and spelling, but she always made sure her kids understood it! So I think that is why it pains me so much to read, lol.

  4. I'm sad to see this link-up go, but I can certainly understand the feelings that lead to the decision.

    I also love "The Armchair Librarians" podcasts. The other night on Twitter, I said it's a book club I'd enjoy being a part of. Their discussions are so real and uncensored. I love it.

  5. Oh, spelling! Pet peeve of mine, too, especially from fellow educators! I mean, I know that there are certain words that I've had trouble spelling my ENTIRE life, but I know what they are and make sure to double check my spelling when I write them. With the advent of autocorrect, I suspect spelling will only get worse with each passing generation.

    Sorry to see your link up go, but I totally get it. When something is causing you more grief and stress than it is bringing you joy, then it's time to kick it to the curb. Life's just too short!

  6. I absolutely judge people by their spelling. I don't care, and I don't plan on stopping. There is no reason to EVER misspell or use the wrong version of a simple word (like using "are" instead of "our").

    Thanks for the kind words about the podcast! Steph and I are having fun and we know it's not top quality but at least it's real and reflective of who we are. It's awesome to hear so many people enjoying it!

  7. Like I need another podcast to listen to....thanks. ;) (I will totally have to look into this one.)

    I'm sorry to see the Stuff & Things link up go! It was always a nice way for me to get some random thoughts out there, especially if I hadn't posted in awhile. Thanks to both you and Joey for hosting! :)

  8. "But if you're putting it on a poster to display to the class, you deserve to be judged (right??)"


    I will miss Stuff & Things even though I don't blog anymore; it was always the one day of the week I blogged even if I didn't post anything on any other day of the week. BUT I do not blame you two one bit for wanting to end it!!

  9. RIP Stuff & Things. I'll miss you! I get it though. Link ups are tough to run.

    Thanks for sharing the Armchair Librarians!

  10. I'm digging the after work gear! Nothing wrong with being comfortable.

  11. Sorry that the link up is coming to an end, I enjoyed participating when I could I totally understand your reasons though, I'm all about letting go of things that don't serve us anymore. Thanks for hosting it all this time!

    Spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting. I will absolutely judge people on this. One of my friends is a teacher and is dyslexic, and I'm so impressed at the lengths she goes to to make sure she's spelling things right for her classes.

  12. oh my gosh, i judge people all the time on spelling. i make mistakes, but i think most people can (hopefully) tell the difference between a mistake and just not know how to spell.. though I always get a kick out of people using the incorrect words. KC sent me a screenshot of an email he received from a fellow teacher:
    '.. we don't want to set a president'.
    you don't want to set a president?! hahaha.
    anyway. i'm sorry that your link up is ending, i will definitely join in next week. i know what you mean though, i only do 2 monthly link ups and when iw as talking to someone about one of them she suggested a weekly one and i said absolutely not.. haha. i might blog every week but i don't want that kind of pressure.. not that there is a lot of pressure, but it's just a lot. so i get it. high five for such a successful 2 year link up though :)

    1. and in my rant about spelling etc, i actually meant knowing how to spell, not know. i'm embarrassed now. judge away, i deserve it.


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