April 8, 2016

Mixing Patterns (+Jett)

No camera card and I'm finally in the mood to take pictures of my clothes. That's a very odd coincidence. 

And I told you Jett never leaves me alone. 

I realllllly like mixing patterns and I've been wearing this outfit since September. This is the first time I got the gumption to take a picture and...no camera card. 

The skirt is Loft (2 years ago), and the tank is from JCPenney and has no shape but I love the pattern, so I put a sheer pullover from Old Navy over it.

Seriously, Jett...

I've worn a skirt every day this week now that I think of it. 

These are just black flats from Target. We're state testing this week, so I have to stand all day. 

Practicality always wins. 

And I should probably take my own advice and use some self-tanner


  1. Cute look! Also, totally unrelated to the post but I love your hardwood floor!

  2. This look is awesome!! I always struggle at knowing which patterns to mix and match, but I always look everyone else's looks like this! Have a great weekend!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. Cute! Floral + stripes or floral + polka dots are my favorite patterns to mix. I like how you have mostly black/gray with a bit of color poking out, too. I can't wait for bare leg weather! (Hahahahhahahhaha just kidding it's Alaska it's never bare leg weather.)

  4. I am not a pattern mixer but I like when others do it.

  5. I love this outfit, such a fun mix of patterns!

  6. I don't wear patterns pretty much ever but I love the way they look on others.

  7. You probably don't think of yourself as a fashion blogger, but I love your outfit posts. You have a good sense of your own style, and you've actually given me some ideas for outfits.

  8. That's a cute look! I always think mixed patterns look great, but I'm too afraid to try. Not to mention that I really don't have many patterns in my wardrobe....

  9. I like what you did there :). Looks cute and casual.


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