December 10, 2015

StitchFix Failed Me (S&T 12/10)

Stuff, Things, etc.

"I'd rather take a $20 hit on this Fix than buy something I don't love. It was just all an absolute miss. The paper thin, short dress for a December Fix is the most off-the-mark piece; I live in Colorado. I'm disappointed. Usually I can find at least one piece I love."

That was the feedback I gave to Stitchfix last week.  This is what happened back in January 2014 and that's why I stopped doing Stitchfix.  They started sending me stuff I didn't like.  It probably doesn't help that I've had a different stylist for the last four Fixes.

Onto the things they sent me...I opened this box at 6pm, and mailed it back at 7am. That's why there's no actual pictures. I didn't like the stuff enough to even take pictures.  You can google the names if you want to see them in other peoples' reviews (I did).

+They sent me the Gilli Antoinette Printed Swing Skirt.  I liked the pattern (would've made a great cardigan), but it was flimsy and wasn't loose enough to tuck a shirt in at the top. It was $58 and kind of a weird knee-length. Meh.  No.

+They sent me the 41Hawthorn Sugar Dot Print Dress in black and white and it was priced at $74. I'm pretty sure I could find this at Rue21 for $16.99 and it was tissue-thin and kind of short.  The picture makes it look wasn't. It's December in Colorado. Maybe if I lived in Florida.  Plus, I have a lot of black and white when it comes to dresses and I didn't pay more than $30 for any of those and they aren't made of tissue paper.

+They sent me Kut From The Kloth Ronnie Printed Slim Straight Leg Pant.  These were black with a burgundy hexagonal geometric pattern on them (think of the pattern on those Old Navy pixie pants) and were like super thick leggings, really.  I could see myself wearing them.  They fit well enough. But they had that pattern, which is a novelty, but I couldn't find anything in my closet to wear them with really. If they'd been a neutral, they would've been more practical. I can't pay $78 (!!!) for a pair of pants, even if the material was great, if I couldn't find anything to wear them with immediately.  I mean, I could put that $78 toward a purse a love, instead of pants I kind of like.

+Speaking of purses...they went from a bag I actually kind of adored (minus the huge size) last month to the worst possible purse in the world for Kristin.

This sketch makes it look nicer than it was. It reminded me of a leather-bound library book or something.

I hate everything about thisThese kinds of straps give me a headache.  Especially when I see people carrying them over one shoulder. I like cross-body bags, but I already have two and I don't need/want another and why-does-Stitchfix-just-take-stabs-in-the-dark? They have my Pinterest page in my profile for goodness sakes. I don't update it super often but you can tell they don't even look at it. Because if they had, they'd have sent a blanket scarf by now because I've also requested one and...nothing.

+And then there was a blue flowy shirt that was boxy (per usual) and wasn't long enough to wear with leggings so I'm not sure what the point was. I didn't even try it on. I think it was also $58.

On the up side, this stylist must not send a $48 cardigan to everyone. If she had, I might've kept it because it would've proven to be the most useful item in the box.

Do you think I should try for one more month?

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  1. See, everyone says I should try stitchfix because I hate shopping so much. I'd rather buy things I think I might like online on sale then return them if they don't work. I cannot and will not ever spend over $50 for something I didn't personally pick out. No thank you. I'd say be done. If they aren't even utilizing the "systems" they have in place to ensure at least one item you might like--then they are wasting your $20 fee. And to have a different stylist every box? What's the point? Isn't the stylist supposed to get to know you over time and pick things you love? Clearly I have strong feelings about this and I didn't even know it. ha

  2. I have found some great things through Stitch Fix, and yet other months, there's NOTHING I like. I feel like I give them good feedback, but sometimes it's just a miss. I don't know how much longer I'll continue.

  3. I have very little patience for Stitch Fix. It was a total waste for me because it's not that I won't pay for good quality's that on the whole I thought their price points were WAY over what the quality of their items dictated. And that pissed me off.

  4. That's so disappointing! I've seen such mixed things all over the internet about it, and while I tend to get so overwhelmed by shopping, I don't like the idea of throwing away money if I don't like anything they send.

  5. I had the SAME exact experience with Stitch Fix. I felt that what I was getting for the price was just too steep. I lost the $20 and then never went back to using them. I just won a giveaway for a stitch fix, I'm going to try it again after the holidays. We'll see.

  6. Ugh, that's so annoying. I like the IDEA of Stitch Fix, but it seems like the prices are a bit extreme for the products, so I wouldn't try for another month, especially since they keep changing your stylist and don't seem to be responding to your feedback.

  7. That is disappointing. I have always kept something out of every box to justify my $20 spent. Chantal told me that you can request a new box without having an additional $20 fee, and it could be worth a try.

    And to comment on the items: if a shirt is not long enough to wear with leggings, why does it even exist? ;)

  8. So disappointing! I've been on the fence about trying this but I just can't seem to do it.

  9. Ugh I hate when they change stylists and you get crap. That's why I stopped the last time... they were dumb dumb dumb.

  10. I would try it again and be SUPER detailed in requests. I have been doing it since January and I usually have found a ton of things that I like. My biggest issue has always been and probably always will be finding pants. I got a pair of Anita Skinny Pants by Liverpool (Madonna Leggings) in my first fix in January. I loved the way they fit (even though I do cuff them at the bottom). Except by November I noticed that there were holes wearing in on the pocket seams on the butt. I was pissed because those pants were not cheap. However, after contacting them, they found a new pair and replaced them for me for free. If you reach out to them and give them your honest opinion, maybe you can get something different that you will like.

    I will say I got that same exact bag in your card in one of my fixes and IMMEDIATELY returned just smelled like cat urine. GAG.

  11. I kind of want that dress, but they never send me cute dresses like that in my boxes. Mostly granny stuff, with a few exceptions here or there!!

  12. I swear I'm one of the only people who ever has any success with them. My only complaint is that the price points are off the mark on most items. $68 for a sleeveless blouse is ridiculous.

  13. ugh, that sucks. that dress is cute, but not for the price, and every dress they ever send me is too short as well. and those pants! $78?! i looked at the google images of that bag, not cute. i wish there was a more affordable option of stitch fix, because they really don't know what 'as cheap as possible' means.


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