November 4, 2015

Another Fix

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This is my 8th fix and it's the third month in a row I've gotten a box. I was presented with the same problem I've had in the past...too expensive.  I can only adjust my style profile so much!

*Disclaimer: Bad hair day and it was 75 degrees on Sunday and the sun was shining directly on me so I couldn't look up*

Corduroy pants: These were absolutely perfect in every way and I knew I'd be keeping them before they'd even made it out of the box.  $68 for a pair of pants that fit well minus the $20 styling credit? I could do that. They're the Kut from the Kloth brand and this means that they do make pants that cost less than $78. I actually paid $60 for a pair of corduroys last year from JCrew Factory and, after two wears, hated them, so this is a win.

A $48 cardigan:  I almost bought this. Then I realized that I could not, would not, spend $48 on this cardigan when it was probably worth $16 on a Target clearance rack.  I loved it, but I couldn't do it. This Stitchfix thing is about adding substance to my everyday work wardrobe, not adding more of the same old thing I could find anywhere. In the comments I filled out I asked, "Why is there a $48 cardigan in every box?" because there is, indeed, a $48 cardigan in every box. 

Anchorage Street Level Tote: I only remember the name of this because of the Anchorage thing. This would make an excellent carry-on bag and I like that they sent me a bag because I'm still not content in the bag department (i.e. can't find one I love), but this was too big for a purse and not the right shape for a day-to-day tote bag. 

This shirt: This shirt was awful in every way. Why would you want to wear something that's so unflattering? It was just like wearing a box. I saw a student wearing a cardboard box for Halloween because he was a Minecraft character; that's what this shirt felt like. I wish Stitchfix would stop sending me boxy blue shirts.  There's one of these every month too. 
I've repeatedly told them that I need clothes that "move with me" and don't need to be adjusted and straightened because I'm moving around all day and constantly standing, sitting, crouching down, etc.

This sweater: I really did like it, but I wish it had been longer so I could wear it with leggings (that is my scale of usefulness: can it be worn with leggings?).  It was soft and comfortable and warm, so I wouldn't mind paying $48 for a sweater like this.  

In the end, the only item I kept were the pants.  

We have an event in December in which I need to look professional-ish.  I have two dresses in mind that I already have, but I asked if they could send me something (and I was very specific in my criteria), just because I hate browsing for dresses.  Also, I asked them to try again in the bag department.  I almost asked for a pair of brown booties because I desperately need some, but I was afraid they'd send $70 ones.  My black booties are lovely and they were $17 so the bar is set high (low?) for the price I'm willing to pay for shoes. 


  1. I LOVE Kut from Kloth pants. I scooped a pair up during the Nodrstrom sale and wear them ALL the time. I think you kept the best thing out of the fix.

  2. That's my same problem with this subscription, the price is just too much for my taste.

  3. Love those cords on you.

    I like the cardigan but agree, it can be found on the Target clearance rack.

    Why do they always send one mostly unflattering but overall really uncomfortable shirt in every box?

  4. I also get the cardigan every time - LOL!

  5. The pants look absolutely perfect on you! I'm glad you finally got something worth keeping and in my opinion, pants that fit well are ALWAYS worth the money. I couldn't pay $48 for a regular old cotton cardigan, either, that's kind of ridiculous. I do like that last sweater and the bag a lot, too! Still though, too expensive when it's not exactly what you're looking for.

  6. those pants are great! bummer about the shirts!!!

  7. oooh those pants are fabulous! i love that sweater, but seriously, especially with sweaters, if it isn't long enough for leggings what is the point? that blue top... no. no. why? and seriously with the $48 cardigans in every box. nope. good luck with the dresses / booties search. i got a pair of black booties from (australian) kmart in 2014 for $15, so that is my new bar hahaha.

  8. I agree with you. Definitely loved that sweater too!

  9. So disappointing that you're not getting good fixes. I really like the tote but I need a new bag like Alaska needs snow. I'd have kept the pants too. I swear by Kut from the Kloth. Quality brand that is totally affordable (IMO). And that cardigan - just no. That's seriously a Target buy. I like the sweater but agree it needs to be longer. That shirt is horrible.

  10. I got the same corduroys, but in a deep red color. They fit so well, and even though it was more than I usually spend on pants (I'm so cheap!), I went for it.

    I find the fixes to be pretty pricey a lot of times too. I don't know how to remedy that.

  11. I do find that simply selecting "as cheap as possible" for everything on your style profile does not seem to help. I have definitely gotten some StitchFix pieces that I absolutely love, but sometimes, I've sent things back that I really liked/loved because I refuse to pay an insane price!


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