December 28, 2015

Christmas Break part 1

It's really weird for me to say that perhaps we don't have a whole lot of Christmas traditions in our household.  Growing up, all I had were traditions and I miss that a lot.  However, I can make my case here by saying that no two Christmases have ever been the same in the 7 years Scott and I have been together.  This year and last year were probably the most similar.

The first year we were dating, we celebrated with my family and then his family in Pennsylvania. In 2009, he was in Afghanistan and I was in Alaska. In 2010, we were both in Alaska. In 2011, I was in Pennsylvania and he was in Afghanistan. In 2012, we both went to Pennsylvania. In 2013, we were stationed in Missouri and drove home to Pennsylvania.  Last year, we stayed here and used the time off to work on the house and just relax. This year, since Scott just took command two weeks ago, we opted not to leave. Just more time to work on the house and relax, which is kind of nice.

So that's why we don't have giant over-arching Christmas traditions that define us. And that's okay.  Because I have very unique memories of each year.  Which is how I can remember them all so well, in case you were wondering.  Also, I have a really good memory.

I have been trying to take a lot of pictures though, just to document what we've been up to.

Lots of walks and laying in the snow to cool off.

My map from last Christmas is finally framed and on the wall. 

These cookies.  You should make them. 

Some woe-is-me pouting when left behind from a hunting trip.

I do make this artichoke dip almost every Christmas.  Maybe that's a tradition. 

I helped Scott frame the basement for dry-wall.  

Our tree is our tradition. We've had it since 2010 when our then-neighbors gave it to us because they were moving. It's a pain to set up and string the lights on, but I don't think I'll ever get rid of it. 

These dogs love to open presents. 

I made a breakfast casserole

I suppose this is upside down, but the point is that I asked for I got socks.  Some of these are Scott's (for now).

Um, do everyone's dogs get this many toys? 

Grouting the backsplash (on Christmas day)

Notice that there is no paper-grading in the mix. Next week is going to be painful if I don't tackle this pile of stuff. 


  1. I love the map you framed, so pretty! The thing about traditions is there are no set rules to it. You can go all out or not and it's still perfectly okay. Most of the traditions I have with my family are probably not "pin-worthy", but they work for us and are special and that's all that matters. Also, I think it's safe to say you like socks-haha :)

  2. My parents gave their two dogs that same amount of toys - its crazy but funny!

  3. Loving the backsplash! Wanna come do ours next? I'm dreading that mess one of these days...

    Also, I'm kind of in the same boat with our tree. We've had it since we got married (our first tree purchased together!) but half the strings of lights on it no longer work. We're torn between cutting all the lights off and just stringing it ourselves from now on, or buying a new tree...

  4. Sounds like a great break to me so far! I love the backsplash, it looks great!

  5. At least you're being productive! I have a big list of things I want/need to tackle this week, and at this point, Monday is almost over. Haha

  6. The breakfast casserole and dip look great!

    Kudos on grouting the backsplash. Not a job I relish!

  7. hahaha love the 'for now'. i wish i'd gotten socks for christmas. i'm not huge on traditions, i wish i was, maybe i'll start some next year. i like that each year was different for you and you can remember them so clearly.


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