December 27, 2010


 Scott bought himself an early Christmas present.  A re-loader so he can make his own bullets.

The tree  (Wow, I really need a new camera.) 

This year's personalized ornament.

 Last year's personalized ornament

 Scott got me a perfect sapphire ring (which is currently being re-sized as I have freakishly small fingers) and...

 ...a new Crockpot!

 One of the gifts my mom sent.  We use the 2 player setting where you actually play together and have to fight your way through the different worlds TOGETHER.  They should use this as a form of pre-marital counseling.

One of the kitchen tools Scott got me.  Apparently he doesn't have a whole lot of faith in my ability to open jars when he's not here ha ha.

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  1. I love the sapphire ring! Can't wait to see it on your freakishly small hand.


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