October 16, 2015

Lately on a Friday

This is the type of stuff that's usually reserved for a Stuff and Things post, but I've been attempting to make those more informative in nature lately and so this is everything that's left over.

Full disclosure: I started a Day in the Life post yesterday and never finished it because I'm tired and busy.  Those posts are actually a lot of work if you want to do them right and they require a certain amount of time.

The pile of stuff I bring home most days.

The unreasonable amount of Stuff You Missed in History Class podcasts I've been listening to.

The unreasonable pile of stuff I haul to school with me most days.  I sent the Nordstrom bag back, ordered a Cuyana bag, got it in the mail, and I like it.  I have my eye on this one though, so I might order it and do some comparison.

9pm last night equaled me putting together the new DirecTV box.

I'm trying the Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment to combat that winter dryness that is sneaking up on us all.  Great for spot treating!  You can actually feel it working!

I graded 25 science projects this week and listened to 25 presentations.  Seven were chosen for the school science fair.  There were both happy and sad tears.  Sometimes I think I shouldn't have that much power.  Sometimes.


  1. Good lord, I forget how much work teachers have after hours sometimes (except, not really...). But still, so much work! You have me wanting to look at bags. Stop it ;)

  2. Installing anything with wires annoys me. I always mix them up and get frustrated that things don't work.

    I still need to listen to that podcast. I think I'd like it.

    And LOL on you have too much power.

  3. i have heard about that podcast, i meant to listen to it. thanks for reminding me! i have also thought about doing a day in the life post, but i never want to put in the effort lol

  4. No go on the Nordstrom bag! I like the one you subbed for it.


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