October 3, 2015

Tote Debate

I've spent most of the evening researching leather totes.

Which should I seriously consider?

Madewell Transport Tote

Cuyana Classic Leather Tote

What I really want is a new purse.  As I texted my friend the other day at lunchtime: "I want a new purse and I'm in the mood for something expensive"  because once I start thinking about a purse, I can't stop. It was on my mind all day. Though it doesn't have to be expensive, because I don't believe that expensive makes for a better purse.  My favorite bag, maybe ever, is this Halogen brand one that I got from Nordstrom's for $33 back in 2013.  I used it for 2 1/2 years and it started to wear a bit.  I'd buy another one in a heartbeat but they were discontinued and I got the last one in the store on that particular day.  So sad.


I got this Hershel bag in July and intended to use it for school, but it's not as big as I'd prefer and, if we're being honest, a highlighter exploded on the inside and I didn't discover it until a week later. I do use the bag but I'm afraid to try to wash the highlighter out because it might make it worse. Problems.

But, along the lines of wanting a new purse, I'm kind of sick of carrying two bags.  I usually carry a purse; a work bag for clipboards, papers, binders, my planner, and everything else that won't fit in my purse; a lunchbox; and a gym clothes bag if I have Girls on the Run after school.  That's FOUR bags. Plus, I'm usually trying to maneuver the quarter mile walk into my building without spilling my water bottle or my tea.  It's a struggle.

I was thinking that if I could consolidate a bit, life might be easier.  In this regard at least.  

Recommend a bag please!  


  1. Nordstrom sells a vegan reversible tote like that for around $45.00.

    I was going to order that but I was in Old Navy and saw the almost exact same reversible tote and with sales and a coupon, picked up for around $20.00.

    I can wear in the tan/brown or black :)

  2. I'm pretty sure that I will be no help here. I like both of those totes. I understand about carrying lots of bags. It gets annoying. I can fit a lot in my purse, but I don't want to carry around school stuff all of the time. Few things annoy me more than having to take things in and out of my bags (which is probably why I rarely change my purses, even though I have many....).

  3. Vera Bradley has some cute big ones as does Michael Kors if you want to go pricier. The two above are cute but honestly they look exactly the same to me.

  4. I'm thinking I need to invest in a bigger purse to carry all my stuff in.

  5. Replies
    1. So does the majority of the female population, given the reviews :)

  6. This are both beautiful bags, I think the second one looks bigger and looks more durable, but that's just from the picture you posted. If you're looking expensive, I've had the Louis Vuitton NeverFull on my list for awhile and had heard amazing things about tit.

  7. I am the same way with most things: once I start thinking about them I can't stop (lately it's a new fitbit charge HR...I have the flex...it's a totally unnecessary lust and I've told myself to knock it off). I haven't bought a new, fancy bag in a long long time. I like the second one best!

  8. I really like those both, so I don't think I am any help :)

  9. I swear by this purse. It looks like it has more room than it does. I've used it for about a year and a half and it's been great in every situation - daily use, commuting, travel.

    I also love this tote, but mine is hunter green and brown. I like this brand a lot:


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