October 1, 2015

Your Fall Television Line-up (S&T 10/1)

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If you know me by now, you know that I'm a T.V. snob.  This is what I'm excited for in October.

+Once Upon a Time.  I've discovered that OUAT is a show I have to binge-watch, not watch week by week.  I gave up on season 4 by last December and finally caught up on Netflix this week.  My intelligence can be questioned because, admittedly, I get distracted with my multi-tasking while watching and I seriously thought the season was over at episode 20 and then a new episode started and I thought it was looping back to the beginning of the season and then I thought "oh, I don't remember this" and assumed I'd been doing something else of the multitasking variety when I'd "watched" it the first time.  Well, no.  There were two more episodes.  Which I was delighted with.  What a nice surprise for someone who wasn't paying attention.
Anyway, the new season, season 5, began on Sunday on ABC.

+The Leftovers.  Did you watch this last summer?  We really enjoyed it.  I love Justin Theroux and I think it will constantly keep you guessing.  Season 2 starts this Sunday on HBO.

+The Walking Dead. I have a prevailing theory that if you don't watch TWD by now, you probably don't have an interest in such things and probably never will.  Season 1 is still my favorite (long live Shane), but I do like to see where the characters and the story go with each season. Fear the Walking Dead is something Scott has been watching (it's a spin-off) and I'm not caught up on that as of now.
Season 6 starts on Sunday, October 11th on AMC.

+The Affair. On Showtime.  We became enthralled with this saga last summer.  I'm glad they moved it to fall.  If you're interested in a stellar cast, telling stories from multiple POVs, check it out.

+Homeland. This show is why we still have DirecTV. No DirecTV = No Showtime = No Homeland.
We love Homeland. Season 5 premieres Sunday.

+Grimm.  I'm currently watching season 4 on Amazon Prime so I can be ready for season 5 on NBC on October 30th.  Exciting times..

Anyway, yes, if you haven't watched Grimm yet, give it a try.  And make yourself stick with it for at least 6 episodes.  That's how long it took for me to like it.  It's addictive.  Scott doesn't like it and that's because he didn't follow my 6-episode-theory.

What are YOU watching this fall?  Excited for any shows to come back?


  1. Once Upon a Time is the only live show I'm watching theses days. I really, really like it. We recently started watching the show Castle from the beginning, so that's our 'old' show of the moment.

  2. I've heard lots of good things about The Leftovers, but have yet to watch....I like The Walking Dead now. Jason has been watching all along, and so I only see bits, and now that it is less zombie, I can dig it. I'm not too good with the actual zombie scenes in the beginning though...Whoops

  3. I freaking love The Affair. I need to remember to sign up for showtime on Roku to watch it.

  4. I keep seeing The Affair (assuming that's the one with the guy from Dawson's Creek) advertise and I keep meaning to check it out. I meant to watch OUAT last season when it had the Frozen in it, and now I see Brave's in it so I may just go and watch those 2 seasons because I haven't gotten into it other than that.

    We have Limitless and Blood & Oil on our DVR's for the fall. So far we've loved both of them :)

  5. I'm not sure how I feel about the new season of OUAT, I'm sure it will get better.

  6. I really loved OUAT for a while...then I just got SO BORED with it, I can't explain it. We stopped watching it about halfway through season 2 and haven't picked it back up again.

    TWD finally made it to Netflix. The greatest day of the year. I have 11 days before I'm behind again, hehe.

    Ordering Grimm today from Amazon!

  7. OH man I forgot to DVR Once...shoot, I lost all of my recorded shows over the summer, such a pain to add them all back in! We loved The Leftovers, thanks for the heads up. Have you seen Baller? I think that's what it's called, we liked that one too.

  8. Once Upon a Time has gotten too big for me to follow (by big, I mean too many characters and plotlines). I want to watch The Affair but we don't have Showtime and I don't know where to find season 1. Same with Fargo. I desperately want to watch season 1 before I watch season 2, which I need in my life because I love Jesse Plemons and he's on it.

  9. I've never watched The Walking Dead. I'm horrible about getting into TV shows. I miss the days when you could just watch any episode of any show and not be totally lost because every episode was it's own thing.

  10. I love OUAT, but it is definitely a show I forget about and then watch 5 or 6 in a row lol. Grimm is on my list, lots of people have recommended it, and same with Homeland. I watch a lot more TV in the colder months, as I imagine, does everyone else lol

  11. I can't wait for The Affair to start back up!

  12. I LOVE Once Upon a Time. We started binge watching in December. Then we were done with season 3 and season 4 was already running and I had missed too much to catch up. So I binge watched again when season 4 released on Netflix. Have yet to watch the new episode from Sunday, but I'll have to see if I still prefer to binge watch or catch up each week. (I may end up binge watching out of necessity because I have so much on the DVR....)

  13. I've never watched Grimm. Maybe I'll try our 6 episode theory.


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