October 15, 2015

Stuff and Things 10/15

Stuff, Things, etc.

+It's still not really fall here yet.  It's 40 degrees in the morning yes, but it's 80 by noon. Therefore, I'm still dressing like it's summer.  When I see people in pants/boots/sweaters/down vests/etc, they look like they're ready for a Christmas card picture. I see this every single day.  And when someone says, "Oh yeah, I should check the weather report", I really start to question things.  1. Weather generally follows a pattern. There is no need for vests and boots on a Monday if it was just 85 degrees on a Sunday. Boots, in my humble opinion, should only be worn if it's a high of 60 degrees or below. 2. There are 18 different ways to check a weather report.  If you cannot be trusted to glance at a weather report, I can't trust you with a multitude of other things.
3. Apparently someone needs to create rules for fall. Maybe I'll put together a flowchart.

+I've had a few people ask what the difference is between ProActiv and Unblemish.  Both are made by Drs. Rodan and Fields, after all.  I used ProActiv for years and never saw massive change. I didn't have a lot to change at that point and it gave me results, but not life-altering results.  The difference really is that Unblemish is newer technology and, I think, a more powerful formula.  It's for the person who desires to see change, not just needs to wash his or her face. You would think that such a difference in product would mean a difference in price.  I was kind of shocked when I saw this cost breakdown.  Unblemish really can't be that much more expensive than what you're already using (and it works!).

+This made me super happy to see.  I'm glad I'm using the best of the best!

+Also, if we're talking about the potential of growth and opportunity, this graphic impressed me.  

I see a lot of graphics pop up on my Rodan+Fields Facebook groups.  I only save the ones that make me pause/reflect and leave me impressed.  These are the big three right now. 

+And now, a rant:

We (I) have been going back and forth about internet and DirecTV for the last month.  Scott thinks we pay too much for internet, I think we pay too much for TV. I also think we pay too much for internet (because CenturyLink is awful and they were really good at what they did back in the day...2009...and they're just not anymore because they've gotten too big...they are the new Comcast), but Scott isn't willing to part with DirecTV and I'm not sure why.  We have means of watching what we want to watch in other ways, and we don't watch regular TV.  I like the news in the morning and evening (and I'm pretty sure that that habit came from my parents) and I do like to watch the weather reports (see the fall rant above), but I could do without DirecTV because, let's face it, they are also just as bad as every other crooked company.  We thought about switching to Hughesnet for internet but they limit your data and we do most of our TV/movie viewing via an internet connection. Which is another reason why we don't need DirecTV. 

Fun fact:  DirecTV and Centurylink actually work together to do discount bundles but, when I inquired about this, I was told that is for new customers only.  Glad to know they treat their customers they already have so well.

The kicker is that, yesterday, the DVR stopped working and I was told to call a certain number for customer service because it needs to be replaced.  Without DVR, DirecTV goes from serving little purpose to serving absolutely no purpose. I called and they are mailing us a new receiver that I get to set up myself following a series of emailed directions and prompts.  It should be here by Saturday and I also will lose everything on our current hard drive.  Which means all the shows that I've so painstakingly filed away for rainy days are gone.  Including Frozen.  We do like to watch Frozen every once in awhile.  

I think we need to cancel DirecTV.

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  1. I'm so happy without cable. We got an antenna so live TV still comes in, and if you get CBS all-access that comes in live too. It is so frustrating to deal with these companies who don't care about your service - AT ALL.

    Totally with you on dressing inappropriately for weather. No, you cannot wear all of your new fall things just because it's technically fall. Stop it.

  2. DirecTV is evil and I pretty much hate them. They treat existing customers pretty crappy, though if you do call and complain, sometimes you can get a few months of a movie channel for free. My husband loves the NY Giants and we live in TX, and since NFL Sunday Ticket is the only way to make sure that he can watch the Giants, we will give them all of our money, forever. I wish they would go a la carte, though, because we watch probably ten channels and that's it! Good luck finding a new option!

  3. I am so ready to cut the cord with cable. We pay ENTIRELY TOO MUCH for J to watch Jeopardy and sports. I say we just camp out at a bar on the weekends.

  4. We don't have cable - we have access to Uverse via my parents and Keith's brother in law, and we use netflix. To get our regular channels, we have an HD tv and our cpu is our dvr. Will we ever get cable, who knows in the future, but its just getting too pricey. We use to have a slingbox which gave us direct cable from my parents but then they switched and it got outdated.

    DirecTV is also eliminating a lot of the stl area channels so they are going down in this market. I say switch or kiss it goodbye!

  5. We've been without live tv/cable for over 5 years and I don't miss it one bit. If that makes me sound holier-than-thou be assured that we watch a ton of Netflix and catch up tv on iPlayer etc, so we're not sitting around doing embroidery of an evening or anything. Still, I love the low cost option and I love choosing what I want to watch, not getting suckered in to something just because it's on and I sat down.

    I have the same thing with our internet though. Our provider Sky are taking the piss at the moment (they do lots of great offers for new customers only, too!) so they're about to get a stern phone call. Why all the bad service???

  6. No joke, I PANIC at the thought of what's in our DVR getting erased or deleted because Verizon chooses to do something ridiculous. I could do without TV but the child and the husband cannot so we are stuck with it, despite the low cost options available. Living with others is a struggle sometimes.

    The weather this time of year is annoying. I hate not knowing if I'll be too hot or cold. I need consistency in my day.

  7. We are experiencing the same type of weather, cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Not fun!

  8. We broke up with DirecTV, too. We have almost completely cut the cord and I love it!! We just have basic cable for sports -- which I, too, love.

    I love Unblemish and I'm so glad it was just ranked #1. IT does amazing things for so many people!

  9. just reading all about that gave me a headache. i hate hate hate dealing with internet / cable companies. they are so useless. i definitely think you should cancel directv! we have never had cable (well, KC did growing up, I never did, we've never had it together) and the only thing we wanted was HGTV and ESPN, which we get through Sling. It's amazing.


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