September 10, 2015

Stuff and Things 9/10

Stuff, Things, etc.

+ My faith in everything has evaporated. Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt are splitting up.

+Speaking of, we went to the Jake Owen concert at the fair on Saturday.  Terrific show.  He has just gotten divorced too.  But amazing show.

+I can recommend the Southwest Motors Event Center and the concerts at the Colorado State Fair but the fair itself is definitely unimpressive.  It's scary actually.  I felt like most people I saw were high on the hard stuff, not just pot. The area around the venue was pleasant...the rest, not so much.

+Switching gears...

If you've been looking to tackle lines, wrinkles, or puffiness around the eyes, this Macro Exfoliator Support Kit might be the right fit.  It gives you the freedom of a one-time purchase (though you can sign up as a Preferred Customer to get free shipping and 10% off!) AND you can get the elusive eye cream that is currently sold out as a stand alone product.  It sounds odd, but the eye cream is so popular that they regularly have to take it out of stock because it comes with kits like this and the REDEFINE regimen.  With so many people buying it as retail customers, there can be a shortage for the regimens and kits and the most important part to R+F is that Preferred Customers get their regimens on time.

Therefore, this is a way to get the eye cream! Plus the eye cloths.  I get three uses out of one cloth and, when I do make that effort to take off my eye makeup after using Unblemish every night, I notice how much brighter the skin around my eyes is in the morning.

I haven't tried the cooling gels, and they are designed to calm skin after the REDEFINE MACO Exfoliator, but I've heard of people using them to calm inflamed skin or cool accidental kitchen burns.

+Since I'm swamped and you're probably tired of hearing how busy I am, here's something I overheard yesterday:

Kid #1: Mrs. Darhower, why don't you post a picture of that to your Instagram account?
Kid #2: You think our teacher has an Instagram account? Why would our teacher have an Instagram account? That makes no sense.

I was just observing and made no plans to actually answer the question.  I don't even remember what he was talking about taking a picture of.

Cheers to *almost* Friday.


  1. LOL @ why would you have an instagram account. WHY, indeed, children. Adults have lives too.

    NO. The Jon & Jennifer rumors are true?

  2. hahahaha at the kids and you having an instagram account.
    why is everyone divorcing?!

  3. Jake Owen is so good live, we saw him a few years ago and it was amazing.

  4. It no longer shocks me one little bit when celebrities break up/divorce. Especially when they won't *actually* get married for stupid reasons. It makes it not that big of a deal to break the committment because there wasn't a real one to begin with. *Soapbox*

    Why on earth does ANYONE have an Instagram account? Sometimes I seriously wonder this...

  5. I'm tired of hearing about divorces. It makes me sad on many of them.

  6. I love Jake Owen, sounds like a great concert! That's so sad about his divorce, seriously every other celebrity has gotten divorced this summer!


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