September 9, 2015

Stitchfix #6

Continuing from last Wednesday...

It's worth mentioning that since I was a return customer to Stitchfix, I could give no one referral credits for referring me.  I got the idea to finally jump back on the bandwagon after reading a blogger's review a few weeks ago but, alas, I was already in the system.  The letter I got from my stylist (Erin C.) said that it was my 6th fix.

Price is my biggest issue when it comes to buying clothes. I don't want clothes that feel cheap or look cheap but I don't want to pay a lot either. It's a fine line.  For the purposes of this fix, I tried on all of the clothes before I looked at the prices. That way I knew what I liked and what I didn't based on fit and style, not $$$$$.

$64. Brielle dress by Alice Blue.
I fell in love with it pretty quickly.  I figured I could wear it now with sandals and wear it in the winter with leggings and boots.  I spent a lot of time trying to decide if I should keep it.  I eventually decided it was worth it because I can wear it to work and even though it's comfortable and stretchy, it has some structure to it. It's not a lightweight material that hangs like a bag.

$54. Gilli Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail dress.
This the perfect example of a dress that IS a lightweight material AND hangs like a bag. Bravo on accomplishing that, Gilli. I hate jersey material because it's generally clingy and unflattering. Maxi skirts are one thing, but this was kind of awful.  I also don't like empire waists because they don't suit my body type. I felt like this made me look frumpy and unstructured.  Plus it was too short to wear by itself to work, and I need versatile clothes. This was the only item I immediately disliked. The color plus the material just made it look cheap. This is a picture from the internet. My dress was a plum color, but the color on the styling card looking NOTHING like the color of the dress so you might as well look at this teal one.

$78. Kut from the Kloth Denna Skinny Jean.
I've never gotten pants from Stitchfix before because I never wanted them.  But I have all of two functioning pairs of pants to wear to school right now and so I figured I'd give it a shot.

These jeans were perfect.  They weren't too tight, weren't too loose.  They would go with flats or boots.

I was pretty set on keeping them until I saw the price and then I was still set on keeping them and then I figured the Brielle dress was more unique than a random pair of skinny jeans and then I tried them on again and this was the deal I made with myself: If I loved them as much as I did 3 days earlier, I would keep them AND the dress.

I didn't love them as much as I did 3 days earlier.  So I sent them back. And then, 3 days after that, I regretted it because I was looking for a pair of jeans to wear to a concert and I thought of them wistfully and then resolved to go find a new pair of jeans somewhere next weekend (where do you buy your jeans?).

But, at the end of the day, $78 on jeans is a lot and I could only wear them on Fridays and I kind of hate jeans anyway, so would I get a lot of mileage out of them? Probably not.  I would wear them when the occasion called for jeans, not because I wanted to wear them all the time.  I only wear jeans when coerced.  I told my stylist that I liked them but regular pants would be a better option because I could wear them any day of the week.

(You can see the jeans in the picture below. They're just skinny jeans and I did some googling and found them to be just as expensive at Macy's which made me feel better about Stitchfix.)

$54. Skies are Blue Avena Split Neck Top.

I enjoy plaid. If I could get away with it, my entire wardrobe would be plaid.  It never goes out of style.

But this shirt was made of a really thin rayon or something (I don't actually know) and I'd have to wear something under it. It was just not the right kind of material for such a heavy design. So it was a no-go before I even checked the price, which was kind of absurd anyway. But I'd love a flannel shirt in this pattern.

$54. Market and Spruce Bri Knit Cardigan.

I wanted this cardigan.  I loved every little thing about it. But there was no way I could live with myself if I paid $54 for something I could find anywhere.  Maybe if it'd had a design or something. There was absolutely nothing unique about it other than it was really soft. But there's lots of really soft cardigans out there.  Maybe if it'd zipped or something. was just very basic in both senses of the word basic and I couldn't do it.

I am aware that I broke the first rule of photography here.  I stood with the sun to my back. I wore no makeup. And my hair is messy. So the first three rules of photography. I'll get it right next time because I have scheduled another fix for the end of September.


I kept one dress and it was $64 but there was a $20 styling fee regardless, so it was $44 and that's not bad for a dress that has some style and structure.


  1. Love that dress! And yeah, you're right. You spend the styling fee anyway, so looking at it like a $44 makes it seem all that more appealing. I love that cardigan, too, but couldn't ever spend $54 on it! Try Forever 21 or H&M. Probably have loads of those right now for a fraction of the cost. Really, Target probably does, too.

  2. I really love the striped dress on you! I am so not a fan of jersey pieces...they never look good on me - do they look good on anyone?!

  3. The dress is awesome for you.

    I love the cardigan and will spend on it if I think it's unique enough. That one, probably not.

    I hated the material of a lot of stitch fix tops that I got.

    I'm in the minority, I'm a fan of jersey dresses for easy work wear.

  4. I like the dress!! And I don't think $64 is bad for a dress you know you'll wear a ton AND is versatile like that.

    I'm the girl that will spend over $100 on jeans because 1) it's EXTREMELY hard for me to find jeans that fit me properly and 2) I wear the hell out of them. Your dresses are my jeans.

    If you need cardigans, I have several of the Mossimo brand ones from Target (the boyfriend cardigans) and I love them. They come in a ton of colors, they're 20 bucks and they go on sale constantly.

  5. I really like that dress, super cute!

  6. i am obsessed with that dress. looks so good on you! how tall are you, if you don't mind me being nosy? that cardi is super cute, but definitely not worth $55.
    i'm sure macy's will have a sale soon and then you'll be able to snag those jeans for cheaper :) i only really wear jeans on fridays and sometimes weekends so i don't like to spend a lot either.

  7. I've heard pros and cons on stitch fix. You're items were cute, those long cardigans are headed back and popular

  8. That dress is really cute! I've had jeans in my Stitch Fix before, and I flat out refuse to pay that much money for jeans.....MAYBE if they had bling or designs or something, but they're just regular old jeans. I'll take my cheap, plain Old Navy jeans any day before spending that much money on plain jeans.

  9. I swear by KUT from the Kloth jeans. Nordstrom sells them (FYI) and they're nothing short of amazing no matter what size you are - they always fit perfectly. To me, I'll pay for that, you know? Jeans are a Pain In The Ass! Love the striped dress. I would have kept that too. I like the Gilli dress only because that sort of thing actually falls well on me. However, I have a lot of summer dresses like that so would have passed simply because I have so many. Hated the plaid top, love plaid, just didn't like the style. Also loved the cardigan but like you said, way to plain for that amount of money. I wavered on buying the $54 one I got last month but it was one of those semi-wrap ones with the aztec style print. I've wanted one forever.


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