September 18, 2014

Stuff and Things 9/18

+Did you sign up for The 3rd Annual Great Pumpkin Swap?  I recommend it!

+I figured out why I had so much time to work out at the gym and cook fancy desserts a couple of years ago:  I didn't clean the house.  It was the bare minimum in Alaska.  Although, to be fair, it was just me and Scott, and most of the time just me.  I vacuumed a lot.  That was about it.  Here, I feel like I'm cleaning all the time.  I think there was only one or two friends who ever visited us at our house in Alaska and they were close enough friends that they didn't care what the house looked like.  (Aren't those the best kind of friends?)
When we moved to Missouri, I decided I would step up my game and now I feel like I'm always straightening, sweeping, folding, etc.  It's an exhausting way to live.

+The No Starbucks thing is going well!  I don't even feel tempted because, like Sonja says here, Starbucks probably just doesn't do it for me in the end.  I have been to Panera twice.  I had an iced latte 2 weeks ago and a hot latte on the 45 degree day last week.  I'm feeling good about this.  Oh, and I had the world's worst caramel latte at the Air Force Academy last week.  I thought it was like caramel-flavored water and I didn't even drink half of it (so that doesn't count, right?)

+Yesterday a student was in tears and I was finally like, "What's wrong?" and she was like, "My pen is in my backpack and I needed it and I raised my hand and I had it up for a long time and you didn't call on me and I know you saw me."  All through tears.  And I was all, "It's okay, really. Get your pen!" and she's still crying and I'm like, "Hey, we all have problems.  I'm hungry, I've got kids not listening, my dog made a mess this morning and I was late for work…" and she started laughing and that was the end of it.  But I could've went on…"…and I'm living in a half-finished house and my husband's at training and I'm dog-sitting as a favor to a friend so I have THREE dogs to take care of instead of two and the coconut milk leaked so I had to empty the fridge this morning and I brought cereal for lunch today (CEREAL) because that's how well-prepared for life I am…etc, etc……etc.  

I think I made my point though.  

And that's all I've got for today.  Sorry for the sad, picture-less post.  But, for real, sign up for that pumpkin swap.


  1. Ugh. The kid crying this and your response? I feel like I could rattle off a list a mile long right now and that's just not right because in reality--there's really nothing wrong right now I'm just in a mood. But hey. It's almost the weekend? <3

  2. Crying about the pen? Come on! LOL

    I do my daily dos of wiping down picking up etc for 20 min - 30 min a day. That's it. I could do it all day long and I have to put a stop to it.

  3. That's really funny about your house cleaning habits. Mine have gone WAAAAAAAYYYYY downhill since moving here. I used to keep my house completely spotless. Now as long as there's no mud tracked through the kitchen or visible layers of dust when I open the curtains, I'm good. It's always just DIRTY here and it's hard to care.

    Some days I feel like that kid.

  4. Kids and their crying! As post this, there's one crying in the pod now because his mom brought him lunch and he's got separation issues so they are literally holding him on their lap while she makes a getaway. But now he's fine and smiling with the class.

  5. Hahaha!! It made me giggle a little about a kid crying over her hand being raised and she knew you saw her..... all over a pen. I laugh at the things kids say because in her little head things were terribly wrong- but they weren't!

    I laughed again at your list to her. That was great way to comfort her without teaching her that it is appropriate to cry to get her way in life.

    My house- I don't even want to talk about. LOL


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