September 17, 2014

3 months into a remodel

3 months into this remodel, the living room is finished.  There aren't any curtains yet, but I'm not sure what I want and/or if they're even necessary.  I like the wooden blinds.

Don't mind the kitchen table.  The living room is its current home.

We are still missing one piece of trim by the door.  I'm patiently waiting for someone to cut it…

The rug is from Lowe's.  The t.v. stand is from an antique/country furniture store in Pennsylvania.  The table is currently hanging out in the living room room while we finish the kitchen/dining room (which is really just one big room).  That bench goes with the table but we've been using it as an ottoman/coffee table.

In case you've forgotten, here's what the living room looked like before…this did not happen overnight.  Again, 3 months.

It actually hurt to put our furniture on that carpet.

Thankfully it was only like that for one day.  I moved into this house on June 7th.  We ripped up the carpet on June 8th.

The dogs were quite helpful.

But not so helpful that they didn't have to be locked away for a time.

Sand under the carpet.  It was disgusting.  And I pulled out every single staple with a pair of pliers.  THAT is why my back hurt this past summer.  I spent days with the heating pad after we ripped up that carpet. 

Look how little!

I'd call the plywood an improvement.

The process is: tarpaper, leveling cement, let it dry, primer, let it dry, whittle down the leveling cement so it's not bumpy, cut the floor with a circular saw, snap the floor into place, pull the floor boards back up, use the glue to stick them back down into place.  That's why it has taken so long.  

We now just have to finish the kitchen side and all will be well in the world of glue-down bamboo flooring.  

Looking back, we've come really far.  So I'd call living-room DONE a victory.  


  1. I loooove the floors! It looks great!

  2. I love the floors! I also die when the dogs have their paws under the door, and are looking up at your husband. I guess all dogs do that, huh? I always melt when mine do.

  3. First I freaking love the dog paws under the door. Hilarious.

    I think it looks great! Very comfortable and put together. Great TV stand find.

    I vote no curtains.

  4. It looks awesome! You guys have put in a lot of work. I like the wooden blinds too, my vote is no curtains. I love that the TV was on and still in the living room while ripping up the carpet :) Can't wait to see the kitchen/dining room.

  5. That looks soooo much better!

    The floors we're getting are a similar color so it's nice to see them in "action", so to speak.

    I am also a fan of the wooden blinds.

  6. I have that rug. I forgot how awful pulling those stupid staples out was. I was trying to sell my house that my ex and I bought together, pregnant, and ready to move on already. The house was on the market over 2 years. When I was 6 months pregnant, I decided I would rip the carpet out of the living, dining, and entry way and put in nice laminate floors. I ripped most of it up myself, dragged it outside, and pulled staples. Pregnant women are crazy. I did let someone else lay the new floor mainly because I had never done it before. I will never do that again. Good thing your husband is handy!

  7. It looks great! I like the wooden blinds look, it goes well. My issue if I were getting curtains for that room would be do you get a big one for every two windows or do you get 4 single ones? I think the wooden look goes with the colors you have...and they won't get as much dog hair on them as curtains would.

  8. It looks beautiful! Congrats on checking the living room off of your remodeling list! :)


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