September 20, 2014

Saturday Confessions

Here I am, posting again on a Saturday morning.  Today I'm off to the gym (for the first time in forever) and to run some errands.  I'm telling you about the gym thing so you can ask me, "Hey did you go to the gym?".  Because accountability.

I just can't quite get my act together enough to post on Fridays it seems.  Getting Stuff and Things up by Thursday takes a lot out of me.  Setting up the link up and all…


Here's some confessions.

+I bought these shoes at Famous Footwear a couple of weeks ago because I wanted something slightly dressier than my TOMS (because I do wear my TOMS to school) and I thought these would work.  They're comfortable and don't give me blisters and…as soon as I walked into school with them, I realized why they looked so familiar.  

One of my students has them.  I like her though, so it's okay.  

+This is the folder I use for storing all of my "to-be graded" papers.  That label has seen better days.

Last year, my students gave me so many Frozen stickers that I had to put them somewhere because kids watch you when they give you stuff.  You have to wait if you want to throw things away.  The stickers stayed and carried over into this year.  

+I haven't had a haircut since February.

+Last weekend, I let my phone die on purpose.  I didn't check it from Friday night until Sunday afternoon.  It was kind of wonderful.

+I'm very over people pimping out their Stitchfix affiliate links.  Come on, bloggers.  You're better than that.  I bought my own Stitchfix boxes for 6 months last year.  No one gave me any credits and I didn't really expect anyone to.  When you say you "kept the whole box!" and spent two-hundred-odd dollars on 5 pieces of clothing but "THANK YOU!" to everyone who gave referral credits, I'm not really sure how I feel about you.  I almost want to say "Please stop being cheap" and then I also want to say, "If you can't afford Stitchfix, just stop".  Also, read this article about Stitchfix.  (Edit: I hold no ill will against you if you tell me about your Stitchfix.  I actually like seeing what people choose to keep.  Just don't ask me to pay for it.)

+I am incapable of making hard-boiled eggs.  Maybe it's because there is probably no other food I'd rather not eat than hard-boiled eggs.  They make me throw up.  A lot of people enjoy them though, including Scott.  So I try.  I've tried every method, every which way, and they always end up not how they're supposed to be.  I don't understand how I can make so many different foods and desserts with success…but cannot hard boil an egg.  It's becoming a problem.  

And that's it.  Anything to confess?  Can you hard boil eggs?  Do you wax poetic about how wonderful Stitchfix is?  


  1. I hate when people on Facebook push whatever weightloss MLM scheme they sell all the time. No I don't want your shakes or weird healthy coffee or whatever. If I do want it I will call you. Also stop calling it the best job ever. You are a Mary Kay lady.

    Sorry about that rant. You hit a nerve when you brought up stitchfix

  2. I also hate hard boiled eggs! But I learned toake them because my husband likes them too haha. So gross!

    Place your eggs in a medium sauce pot, fill with cold water. Add a dash of salt.
    Put on stove at medium heat.
    Bring water to boil, allow to boil for 2-3 minutes.
    Turn off stove and let eggs sit for 10-15 minutes.
    Rinse with cold water, store in fridge.

    Hard boiled eggs. Done.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Strangely I make hard boiled eggs pretty frequently. I might be with you on the phone dying thing. I like a new feature though that IOS 8 has that lets you "DND" specific contacts!!!! I like the shoes. And did you go to the gym?

  4. I think the Stitchfix phenomenon is pretty much the same as anything else--people push whatever they can make money on. I mean, we all like making money, and the most money possible, I guess...but there's probably ways to do it without being too annoying. And I could never do Stitchfix, I like shopping too much--and even my mom or sister or husband don't have much luck at being able to pick out something that I'll like to wear, I'm too picky.

  5. I put eggs and some baking soda in a pot of water. Heat to boiling. Once boiling, take off heat, cover with lid and let sit for 20-25 min. Rinse in cold water and done!

  6. Those shoes are really cute! :)

  7. I like those shoes!

    I always used to forget about eggs when I boiled them. Now that I bake them they come out great every time.

    I always link to my stitch fix link but don't pimp it I don't think. When I joined I used a friend's code. I figure if I'm going to join, might as well have her get credit for it!

  8. 1. Hard boiled eggs - I have to use the BBQ outside because I can't stand how the house smells for DAYS.

    2. Holy crap. I paid $68 for Stitch Fix shorts in August. Now I'm peeved...


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