August 6, 2013

Trail of Tears, indeed

Near our house, there's a great walking trail and park.  It was fascinating to learn this was once a part of the Trail of Tears.  It would totally make sense that the Trail of Tears would run through Missouri....(only those stationed here may get that one...har har)

There's a lot of tears and frustration these days.  The whole community is pretty disgusted by the current weather.

This was a week ago, and it's not really any different now.

Also, I thought we left the 49th state.  
Look, it's the Tlingit eagle clan totem pole that you might find in southeast Alaska.

We took a walk along the creek (I say it as "crick" a lot of the time).

Roubidoux Creek-- that is crystal clear water

Our muddy little friend.

That was over the weekend.

Monday and Tuesday, it rained cats and dogs.
Monday night into Tuesday, it was a constant show of lightning, with hardly any breaks between flashes.  The thunder was also continuous and I had a weird fear of the picture window in the bedroom blowing in.  The rain was so loud and, because it was blowing in the wind, it sounded like the house was going through a car wash...for about 7 hours.  Flooding on base, flooding by our house, flooding's too much.  

Currently the Roubidoux Creek is well over its banks and looks something like this...

See the totem pole??

We don't live in this exact area (we're 5 miles from those pictures), but the entire county is under a Flash Flood emergency until Thursday. Hundreds of people lost belongings and homes, there were deaths, and people are still missing.  "Trail of tears" sounds about right.


  1. Our area had major flooding a couple of years ago. I have some pretty similar pictures to these ones (except the Totem pole. I don't have any flooded poles around here)

  2. Oh my goodness. That's so sad!! I had no idea, shows how news illiterate I am. I need to turn on the news more. Stay safe!!

  3. Goodness, that's so much water! I hope you guys won't be affected too much. Even though Scout is muddy in those pictures, he's pretty cute!

  4. It's been an incredibly rainy season this year. It's been raining bad here too! Lots of flooding.

  5. Yikes!! We had similar weather for so many weeks about a month ago! I was sure I'd have to find supplies and build an Arc! That kind of weather (for those like me who love storms) can be fun, but too much of it drives me crazy. Stay safe! Rain boots for all!

  6. Holy crap! Flooding always amazes me.

  7. Flooding is such a scary thing. In July, DuBois and areas around it had a lot of flooding. We had a couple of weeks where it rained everyday. Stay safe!

  8. I'm so impressed that Scout doesn't need a leash on walks, Casey would run into the woods to live with the wildlife. I hope the rain stops soon, flooding causes so many problems. Be safe!

  9. Saw that bridge on the news last night. Can't believe I was just down in that area not too long ago.

  10. I say "crick" too. I think it's a midwest thing. Maybe?


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