August 8, 2013

The Easiest Pizza Dough You'll Ever Make

Scott does not like thick crust pizza.  I agree that a good thin-n-crispy is usually the way to go...however, sometimes, the chewier the better (and there's less crumbs for clean-up too..that's a bonus).

So when I finally decided I should try this recipe that I'd been hoarding in my inbox for a couple of months, Scott decided it'd be wise to take one look at the pizza and say, "Couldn't you roll it out a little thinner?"

No.  I couldn't.  Because I didn't want to.

"It's a new recipe."

"Oh, what about the one you always make?"

"The one that takes 4 hours?"

He didn't see why I was interested in a 30 minute homemade pizza crust.  I guess it was because he never watched me make that other crust.   I always doubled the batch and then froze balls of pizza dough for later.  And it always takes about 4 hours.  I usually saved it for a weekend project when he wasn't home because it was, indeed, a project.

Let the record show he loved this crust.  It's my new go-to.

It is, without a doubt, the best pizza dough I've tried to date.  I know, I know.  I go on and on about pizza and pizza dough recipes an awful lot.  But that's because I love pizza and could eat it everyday and nevereverever get sick of it.  Maybe not anyway...

 But this is one you HAVE to try.  I was shocked at how simple it was.  It's the easiest pizza dough I've two years of trying to find an easy pizza dough.

Quick and Easy Pizza Dough
makes 1 super-thick crust or 2 regular crusts (pictured above)
slightly adapted from Alison

1 1/2 cups of warm water
1 packet yeast (I used pizza crust yeast) 
1 T. honey

Mix those 3 ingredients together in a large bowl, cover with a towel, and let it sit for 15 minutes (the yeast should be foamy).

2 t. salt
Dash of olive oil


3 cups flour (I used bread flour.)

Add one cup at a time, combining well.

Knead for 10 minutes.  You'll need another cup or so of flour for the kneading.

Let rise in a greased bowl for 30 minutes (Alison says you don't have to do this if you're short on time!)

Roll it out on a pan (I used a pizza stone), top it, and bake.  I've tried it at 450* and 475* (again, on the stone). Both work.  I generally bake it for 10 minutes before I put the toppings on and then finish it off with the toppings.  I'm also known to change the temperature mid-baking.  


  1. That DOES sound easy! I'm saving this for later.

  2. I will definitely have to try this. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. This sounds pretty yummy! It CAN take so long to make your own pizza crust. Scott thinks ours isn't chewy enough (but it's a crispy crust recipe so....).

    I'll have to give this one a try. :)

  4. I'm not really a pizza fan, but I am a fan of anything that doesn't take 4 hours to make. ;)

    On a side note, I don't understand thin pizza crust. What's the point?

  5. I'm definitely saving this! I've never tried to make my own pizza crust because every recipe seems like it's quite the process. This sounds super easy!

  6. Oh yes, this is getting pinned for sure! I've still never made my own before... we have a Bertucci's down the road, so we always just buy dough from them, but this would definitely have money and time (surprisingly since it's dough haha).

  7. Love this! I hate paying $5 for those damn pizza crusts. And the kicker... never thought to look online for a dough recipe. Way to go brains.

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