July 21, 2013

funny stuffs 7/21

I have a great post for you about our weekend camping adventure...oh wait, I don't have it.  It disappeared when I tried to save it.  I thought too much of Blogger, I guess.  

Will do.

For those of you who wonder why we got a dog instead of a cat...

I don't necessarily trust cats..

Since many of you really liked the Ross gif last week....This is quite possibly my favorite scene from all ten seasons of Friends.  I share it also because we have dead armadillos laying all over the roads here.  It's unfortunate.  

But we can't forget about this..

Speaking of animals...
I'm spending an awful lot of time keeping flies out of our house these days.  

Then, Courtney (who still needs her own blog) sent me this link and I could say that this sums up my feelings about things. For example, at the gym, it's not that I'm unable to do a real push-up..it's that I don't feel the need, and therefore do them on my knees.

When someone who's not me cooks in my kitchen, I pull a Milton and get super nervous, anxious, and possessive.

And lastly, this was me with a giant piece of 4-layer-chunky-chocolate-toffee-almond cake on Saturday. 

Happy Monday!...if Mondays are your thing (I'm sure there's a few of you out there.)

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  1. I laughed through this post. I'm sorry about your camping post though- it happens, right?
    I'd get a dog instead of a cat any day- they're inherently cuter, funnier, and more loving. What else is there?
    xo, Hima

  2. If ever we're in the same place, we're totally going to have to sit down, watch Netflix and random gifs all day; it'd be so fun, lol. I think that episode w/ the couch is my all time fave of Friends. Ever.

  3. I truly believe that cat statement. Gives me chills, you couldn't pay me enough to have a cat in my house, luckily my husband is the same way!

  4. I always say our cats are snobs. Angel loves to try and play with him, but they just like to glance at him and walk away, not deigning to bless him with their attention.

  5. Haha the cat one made me laugh. Our cat used to be a total dirtbag but now he is nicer than our dog sometimes.

  6. The PIVOT episode was on the other day. That is probably one of my favorite scenes on TV ever. My cat hates Craig. Sometimes she will let him pet her, but most of the time she scratches at him.

    We went camping this weekend too. Maybe I will stop being lazy and write something about it.

  7. That last one did me in! The eyes!! HAHAHAHA!

  8. Hi! Visiting you because Ashley (@cupofashtea) linked to you along with me on Friday so I wanted to come say hello. And yes, OMG on the Office Space gif. I pretty much want to quote that movie daily but I don't think my coworkers would get it. Thanks goodness for blogs where people get your references, right? Happy Monday!

  9. Hi from Mingle Monday and OMG this is the best post ever! I love your GIFS and memes, they all cracked me up. Definitely what was needed for Monday morning! Following you now on Bloglovin. :)

  10. Love them all - cute and enjoy your week ahead!

  11. Yup, cats are evil..

    You always find the best funny stuff :)

  12. Oh my gosh cats get such a bad reputation! Mine are the biggest cuddle bugs. But I guess certain dog breeds have a bad rap too like Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and German Shepherds... so I'll let it slide. ;)

    Love the Office Space gifs and the eyes/stomach... "We CAN and we WILL!" I'm always telling my stomach this, lol!!!!

  13. I laughed out loud at most of these! Thanks! :)


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