July 23, 2013

Somewhat of a camping trip

Someone had an 8-week birthday on Friday.  

On Saturday, we went to the Lake of the Ozarks to camp.  I use the term *camp* loosely because we had a cabin with 2 bathrooms, 2 cable TVs, a full kitchen, etc.  Basically, we stayed in a double-wide.  That's as rough as I'll go (I did sleep on a cot) and I had a tough time coming up with a reason to get out of the trip. "It's cold and rainy" doesn't work anymore.
I figured I could do one night at a campground.  I really enjoyed stopping at Marshall's and Target on the way home.    So maybe it wasn't that bad.  

Also, let it be noted that Scott's pre-camp pep talk consisted of: "Please be nice and have fun."  I tried.

Scout practiced his swimming.

This is Duchess, Scout's new friend (I guess we're those people now...).  He really shunned her at first, obviously taking a page out of my book on "how not to have friends". Maybe he's shy?

This is called the upside down rabid bat.

Scott bought me a coozy.  Quite appropriate. I think I'm the only person I know around here who uses Twitter.  (What do other people do all day?)

Scout tried swimming in the lake.

He didn't like it.

I think dogs all have the natural ability to swim because he could do it.  Just didn't want to.  You should see what that sad little soul looks like at bath time. Heartbreaking. 

And he did well on the boat.  I was motion-sick most of the time.  When exactly am I going to outgrow this?  (I'm not anemic and I ate and also drank water.)

He and Duchess caused quite a ruckus on Sunday morning.  This picture is misleading.  She was winning most of the time, but 99% of the pictures were blurry.  I could only get clear ones while using the awful flash.

But then they started getting along.  

Right after Scott took this picture, I opened the car door from the outside, not knowing Scout was leaning against it.  He tumbled out onto the concrete.  I'll shamefully accept the worst dog-mom award now.  

Two bird dogs fighting over a bird.  

After having Duchess (named after Kate Middleton, which is pretty awesome) in the house for the day, I was quite grateful for the hard work we've put into training Scout.  He's at toddler-level, while she still seems to be in the newborn phase.

So hopefully my *going camping* for one night (but two days!) will get me out of similar adventures this summer.  I'm looking forward to St. Louis one weekend soon, and I'd love to go hiking in some of the state parks.  Day-trip hikes, of course.  None of that overnight stuff.


  1. That sounds like just about as much camping as I could take. Sometimes Angel says he wants to get my some sort of special backpack and really lightweight but very warm sleeping bag...and I just gently remind him that I will never willingly go on a backpacking trip....

  2. I loooove your photos!!! Especially the one of the guys holding the dogs in the water - priceless! I also forget you're in one of those states with Yuengling... New Englanders are always jealous of your type haha. It looks like a great weekend, especially since I enjoy your type of "roughing it."

  3. Let me know when you're headed my way to STL - there's bound to be something going on that you must go see :)

  4. OMG I love your dog. HES SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! And I really want that pillow.

  5. aww cute puppy pictures!
    I love tent camping but I'm also a big fan of luxury camping. A healthy mix of both is how I like to roll :)


  6. He looks so cute in the lake. :)

  7. Cable TV is not camping. But the pups are super cute :)

  8. That's my kind of camping, complete with shopping at the end! And when my cat was a kitten, he put his head through the handles of a paper bag and I panicked and cut him out with scissors and nicked his ear. He still has a scar to remind me of my awesome mothering. You'll be fine =)

  9. OMG two puppies. Can't get enough.

    I have issues doing Twitter... I can do FB real well ;)

  10. "Camping's not a good time" watch it on youtube! Those are my thoughts exactly, lol. Although your version of camping doesn't sound that bad. Your little scout is quite the handsome pup :)

  11. You're not a bad dog mom. In fact, I think you're catching on just fine. :)

  12. I am proud of you for going "camping." That's the only kind I would do, too.

    I love the upside down rabid bat picture, and that coozy is great! I just taught a bunch of people how to Tweet this weekend. What DO people do if they don't Tweet? :)

  13. Camping is not my idea of a good time, but people really seem to like it. I think if there were no bugs in the world I might find it enjoyable. Scout and Duchess are so cute together! Have you ever tried psi bands for motion sickness? I get nauseous if I'm even in the passenger seat of a car sometimes, and I used to use them for train rides.

  14. That's totally my kind of camping. :) And, I still haven't grown out of my motion sickness...it just gets worse as I get older. Boo!

  15. So I've been reading blogs on my phone for like, the whole past week or so, and not been following up once I get back to my computer so I came back to my favorite post of yours (mostly because of the picture of Scout looking all crazy-eye and rabid... Dang that's a cute little monster!)... Anyway, been loving reading lately (always do, but especially puppies, pillows and almost camping stories... And PIVOT!)!

    And those mini-wines? Totally the party favors at my niece's 1st birthday party... She'll understand when she's older.

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  17. I'm actually planning a camping trip soon and I'm looking around online for ideas on what to bring with me. I'm looking to camp in a tent, I'm interested in a real camping experience, not living inside a mobile home in the woods. I've seen this backpacking hammock that looks like it would be great to set up outside near the fire and is easy to carry. How was your camping trip? I'm thinking about bringing pets but im not sure if it would be a good idea.


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