March 15, 2013

High 5 For Friday

Once again, trying to keep the positivity going on High 5 for Friday. Or, at least, not make it whiny.

1.  Last week, I took a picture IN THE MORNING BEFORE SCHOOL.  This was before the devil known as Daylight Savings Time descended upon us, but still.  We're making some progress toward spring up here in tundra-land.

You can't see much, but the skirt is from the Base Exchange (one of the only 3 skirts I ever wear here) and the shirt is from American Eagle a few years ago.  Boots are Steve Madden.  (I apologize for my lack of variety.)
It's not like it was warm or anything, but daylight is daylight.

2.  Scott got his caribou.  FINALLY.  Thank the Good Lord that hunting is over (forever).  Just kidding.  He'll find turkeys or wild pigs or velociraptors or something to hunt in the lower 48, I'm sure.

3.  I did a lot of workouts this week!
Monday: Body Blast x2 (120 minutes total)
Tuesday: Abs/Glutes/Legs class (I felt this mostly in my legs)
Wednesday: TurboKick
Thursday: Ab/Glutes/Legs class LOL I did nothing concerning exertion or productivity yesterday.
Friday: Planning on Body Blast 
Saturday: Planning on RIPPED

4.  This will make you laugh. Watch the shoes.

5.  I got this blazer at Tar-jay for $9.  It was on clearance for $20 two weeks ago, but that was too much for something from the clearance rack ($15 is my limit).  It feels like a sweatshirt but, I'm sure, comes off as much classier.

Happy weekend!


  1. Cute blazer! Maybe I missed something but is it looking like you are out of Alaska? If so, that's exciting!

  2. That video made me laugh so hard!!! The shoes were the best part! I am so jealous of your fitness dedication. I started back running a little about 2 weeks ago but my diet was awful! I've been eating pretty clean for about 2 days now and I feel so much better! Need to get some extra motivation though!
    Glad it's starting to hit spring up there! Sending warm weather wished towards you!

  3. Way to go with Scott's caribou!

    And way to go with your workouts this week!!

    Cute cute blazer :-)

  4. Hahaha that video is awesome! And I love your skirt - Happy Friday!

  5. i really like that last look! cute.

  6. That video!!!! What an asshole. I like that blazer too. And yeah $20 on clearance - pass!

  7. I don't pay more than $10 on the sale rack at Target!

  8. OMG that video...I can't stop watching it. What an idiot, hahahaha.

    I love the blazer!!!

  9. Bahahaha wow that video is amazing!!!

  10. Cute blazer- I cannot WAIT until we get a Target here!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  11. I certainly hope he finds a velociraptor in the lower 48. They're everywhere here. ;-)

  12. Your outfit with the plaid shirt is so cute!! And that looks like it was quite a hunt. Every year Angel threatens to go hunting with my uncles during deer season but I doubt he ever really will. He's too ADHD to sit in the woods forever, I'm convinced of that.

  13. That treadmill thing is funny!!

  14. I think I watched that GIF 5 times in a row. SO funny!.
    Everyone is complaining about daylight savings, but I'm really loving seeing the sunrise as I go to school and the extra hour of sun in the evening! Nice blazer too :)

  15. That video..... kills me every time!! SO SO funny!

    Also, I like the blazer!!


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