March 17, 2013

funny stuffs.

Insert "Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday" for "today".

Oh well.  
I'm not going to say "Spring break is ovvvvverrrr...nooo...", because I'm the one who piddled away my free time.  No one to blame.

I regret nothing in this case.  I do the things I need to do and I think I do them well (enough), but I always feel pressured to plow through my to-do lists.  To-do lists and reminders stress me out.  They make me feel inadequate.  Like there's so much out there in the world to accomplish, so why in the world am I sitting on the couch with Scott watching Duck Dynasty re-runs?

With me being sick last weekend and with Scott out of commission for the last few days, we haven't accomplished nearly as many tasks as we could have with a week off.

Oh well.  Life goes on, right?

I know that Grumpy Cat is getting to be overdone at this point.
But, I can't help it.  This one intrigued me.  I scrolled to the bottom so fast because I wanted to see how the "story" ended. (Click to enlarge)

If you have work tomorrow, I apologize.  I get one. more. day.  off.
(I'm sure I'll be up to something super-duper productive.)


  1. Lmfao. The lotion and door knob is totally true. But also add "opening a pickle jar or any other kind of jar" after putting lotion on. Haha!!

    And that damn cat. Hilarious and I want it.

  2. I don't think funny cats can ever get old.

  3. Bahaha! I love Si, the stuff that comes out of his mouth is so random. :)

  4. I have some ideas for my spring break but mostly I want some lazy time :) that grumpy cat made me giggle

  5. I have some ideas for my spring break but mostly I want some lazy time :) that grumpy cat made me giggle

  6. Hahaha I don't think there's anything wrong with watching Duck Dynasty and gleaning wisdom from Si.

  7. definitely okay to do nothing sometimes! when we had our snow day last week I did nothing! i kept thinking about how I could have gotten so much done and then i just told myself well I should be working so I really wouldn't be able to get anything done.

  8. Breaks are for relaxing. Being productive is highly overrated. :)

  9. You have to have those days once in a while when you do absolutely nothing useful. It's actually pretty hard for me to do that....I tend to feel a bit guilty by the end of the day, but by gum, sometimes you're just lazy!

  10. I'm glad you did nothing. Teachers need nothing days on their days off. :)


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