March 14, 2013

Blog-love me

Two posts in one day?  I'm living on the edge.  If you already saw this, I apologize.  If not, click on that link down there (Well, I can't make you, but I would enjoy for you to stick around after Google decides to destroy the bloggers' world).

1.  This wind stuff is happening again.

2. I already took a nap today.

3.  My husband is sequestered to a couch in a very dark room and he has sunglasses on.

4.  What should I make for dinner?

5.  Maybe I'll make pie.

6.  I do not want to go back to school next week.
Source: via Kristin on Pinterest


  1. Gotcha on Blog Lovin!

    And um... PIE, YES!! Today is Pie Day afterall (3/14)

  2. OHHH! And I just saw that Scott had PRK. I had PRK three years ago and that surgery HURTS!!! Hope he starts to feel better soon :-(

  3. Totally jealous. I want a damn nap too!

    Is Scott playing vampire? haha j/k...hope he's doing well.

  4. Ooo a nap sounds really nice. :)

  5. I love the relatable honesty of Rob Swanson. I sometimes think that having more days off from work almost isn't worth it because it makes going back that much harder. I hope Scott is back to normal soon...definitely make that pie for dinner.

  6. OMG that pile. That is my life. Sigh.

    I want your pie. :)

  7. i don't get the gfc thing! that sucks! i remember last year at one point on this stuff about gfc going away and then it didn't. how will I easily read my blogs without it?

  8. I love naps. I'd take one any time of day. They are life savers!

    And also, what the heck is with this Google Reader disappearing?! Is this some sort of "budget cutback" going on? I don't think it was hurting anybody. Whatever. We'll all deal somehow!

  9. This is all so confusing! Why do they have to change these things on us.?


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