February 28, 2013

February Fitness: How'd it go?

It went okay.

I actually felt like I was back on track this month.  I was derailed a bit in the middle of things, because of a cold, but I think I kept up pretty well, only missing one class because of it.

Would you like to make your quad muscles shake?  This will make you go weak in the thighs, and your abs and glutes will burn too!  I did this on Tuesday (3 sets of 20) and I'm still feeling it today.

Some highlights:

1.  I started a squat challenge.  I did not finish it.  About a week in, I was like, "Hmmm...I'm not sure I like this because ...don't squats make your butt bigger?"  I don't want that as my end result.  So I stopped the squat challenge.  (In other news, Scott jokingly said some girl must have a butt implant. I said, "Yeah, she probably does".  He was flabbergasted, as he didn't know that was a real thing.)

2.  I kept up with the plank challenge except for maybe 2 days.  I skipped those days simply because I didn't plan out my time and returning home on Friday night at 11:30pm wasn't conducive to me wanting to get on the floor with my stopwatch.  My boring lifestyle is clearly why I'm able to keep up with these challenges as well as I am.  If you do nothing else fitness related, do a plank a day. Please. For me.

3.  I attended 11 classes at the gym.  They included cardio/strength training classes, TurboKick, a good old-fashioned kick-boxing class (which was a lot like circuit training), and pilates.

4.  I'm still living, breathing proof that you can be conditioned cardiovascularly without being a runner. We did sprints in that kick-boxing class.  About 35 people in the class and I was one of the fastest.

5.  For Lent, I gave up candy.  I'm really an all-or-nothing type person.  If I tell myself I can't have it and there's a reason behind it, I don't eat it.  I don't stop at "just a few" Sour Patch Kids.

6.  Also, I gave up cereal.  It is, perhaps, my biggest food-related vice.  I feel pretty good without it, and I think I need to stay far away from cereal for a long time.  It's also an expensive habit at $4 a box. When you're eating 2-3 boxes a week.

7.  I wrote this post a year ago.  Still rings true!  I still need to work out in order to feel good.  And honestly, I would want it any other way.

8.  While I consider fitness to be a big part of my life now, I do NOT work out every day.  Especially if I'm sore from a previous workout.  Generally, I get in 3 good workouts a week.  And a plank a day.  I bring this up because lately I've hit on some blogs that come across as straight-up exercise-anorexic.  I hope I don't give any of you that impression here.  While working out makes me feel good, I don't exactly go out and run 12 miles every time I eat dessert.  (Let's face it:  I couldn't run 12 miles if a zombie was after me.)

Speaking of...

I hate Andrea.  I miss Shane.  And I want to snuggle that baby.

How 'bout you?  Did you keep up with your workouts in February, or did you start anything new?


  1. I don't work out everyday either...the body needs at least one day of rest. I think you did a great job this month! :)

  2. Way to kick some bootie!
    I, on the other hand, was sick the first week & a half of the month and, am now, sick again. I think I'm losing my muscle. It saddens me.
    But you're awesome!

  3. I wish we lived in the same town... we could kick some SERIOUS booty together!! Almost NONE of my friends like to work out and I would LOVE to have a friend like you who could push me (and vise versa)

    I remember doing that first workout back in high school and MAN does it work!! Might have to start incorporating it back into my routine! And the Squat Challenge?? Does that REALLY say 235 squats a day at the end of the month??? I'D DIE.

  4. I did a boot camp class while in Alaska. It was really hard but not unbearable. I am thinking of doing it again in Oklahoma City. I'd be happy to go back to Alaska to visit everyone again but that needs to be in July.

  5. I'm SO trying that first exercise. Tonight. I don't have a ball but whatever, I'll hold a weight or something.

    I've been doing quite a few squats because of Jillian Michaels, but I'm honestly wondering whether I'm going to like the effects. I had a REALLY flat butt before so I don't mind perking it up a little bit but I definitely don't want it to get out of control. I'm thinking I might just stick to leg raises and such. I don't know.

    I need to start doing the plank a day thing again...I got lazy. Well, not totally lazy because I've been doing workout DVD's almost every day, but lazy in terms of not doing planks unless they're included in the videos. Hah.

  6. Last week on Tuesday I went to sign up for Jazzercise. It's been 2.5 years since I've gone to a class but I've found out the steps come back pretty fast.

    I've been to six-one hour classes since then & I feel a lot better. Sore as hell, but better. I just have to keep it up~

  7. I am actually trying to do a plank a day. I totally didn't realize how hard it would be. Since I'm just starting, I can do it for 30 seconds. It's better than nothing! :)

  8. My planking happens once a week, if that...

  9. Yes, yes, and yes to your Walking Dead comments. I can't stand Andrea. She makes me SO mad. Why can't she be smart and just end the governor? Ahhhh.

    I need to do squats more. And planks. I actually just need to find myself a class or workout DVD to do.

  10. Seriously, will you be my virtual trainer??? You can send me workouts and I'll send you sugar. ;)


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