January 6, 2013

Sunday Social 1/6

Sunday Social

1. Do you plan to change any of your eating habits in the new year?
I'm working on it.
Let's just say that my eating habits and my mindset need to change this year.
I'll keep you updated.
I cleaned out the pantry Friday morning at 7am.  It, indeed, came to that.

2. Any workout tips to get us back in shape after the Holidays?
-The best advice I have is to start before the holidays are over (worthy advice on January 6, right?).  Using the holidays for an excuse not to work out and/or eat everything in sight is something I try not to do.  I mean, I understand the reasons.  I've used the reasons.  I just know that when you go into December thinking, "Oh, whatever", January is going to be that much harder.
That being said, I spent most of December away from my routine, on vacation, and sick.
I got started 2 weeks ago with my workouts again, and it feels amazing.

-This is the Bosu Ball Ab Crunch.  You need to try it.  Bosu balls are $100+.  Therefore, I can only do this at the gym, because I ain't buying one.  You can feel it working after the first crunch.  You'll never do a regular crunch again, friends.

I do 3-4 sets of 20 with a 10 lb. weight in my hands.

Please don't do bicycle crunches.  The spine pain isn't worth it.  

3. What is your favorite thing you did over the Holidays?
I think the fact that I had ONE MONTH off of work was a Christmas gift in itself.  Granted, my district forced me to take unpaid leave.  More support of the military family unit would've been nice in that case. Whatever.  I had a month off.  December 7-January 7.  Bliss.

4. What is something you hope that you accomplish in 2013 that you did not in 2012?
-I'd really like to grow my blog.  I mean, it's grown like crazy in the sense that I have so many blog-based friendships.  I always feel like I have someone to talk to!
I just spend a lot of time writing, thinking about what I'm going to write, and taking pictures.  I'd love for more people to read it.  (When I find a blog I LOVE, I always wonder why I hadn't found it sooner. I want to reach everyone who may want to read my blog.  If that makes any sense...)

-Also, I should find a way to make money in a side-hustle kinda way.  Any ideas?
I'll be officially unemployed in a few short months.

-I really need to start working on a book. I've begun a few in the last 10 years, and gotten past the planning stages on none.  With upcoming unemployment, now might be the time to start.  Non-fiction, of course.

5. Name 3 things happening this year you are excited about and why.
-We're moving!  Out of Alaska!
-We're moving! Out of Alaska!
-We're moving! Out of Alaska!

I'm well aware that our new home could be like hell on earth and I'll be regretting this time I've spent complaining.  So I am a realist.  I'm just saying...this is the day I've been looking forward to since September of 2009 (you know, when we arrived here).

We're both just ready for a change.  Him:  professionally. Me:  geographically.

I'll have some funny stuff for you tomorrow, the day I go back to work. We'll need to keep our sense of humor for that, friends.


  1. Who hoo! No more Alaska! I'm so interested to hear where y'all are headed.

  2. You totally need to apply to an ad company to make money from your blog. Glam Media, BlogHer, and I know there are others! And I'm so excited for you that you get to leave Alaska!

  3. Yay for moving!!!!! :) Can't wait to hear about where you are going. :)

  4. I teach Zumba in our after school program for my "side job." Have you thought about teaching group fitness classes? I haven't looked into doing it officially, but who doesn't love to get paid to work out?

  5. I have said that I would give up one month of summer vacation to have off from Christmas until almost the end of January. I hate January. I'm extremely jealous if your month off! (Though not the part where you were sick...)

  6. Congrats on getting out of Alaska soon!!! And I would DEFINITELY read a book written by you if you do choose to go that route :)

  7. Woohoo for moving off the giant ice cube! Hopefully they'll send you somewhere warm...not sizzling though. Ick.

    That sit up photo of the pup is hilarious, I totally look like that. Almost.


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