January 7, 2013

I guess I'll try to amuse you today...

..because, man, I don't want to go back to work.

And then, I remember that maybe I should enjoy this period of my life because I'll be unemployed come the end of April (This thought gave me a panic attack the other day, so you'll probably see me mention it frequently from here on out. In advance, I apologize.)

So, yeah.  Guess I'll go to work today.

Don't worry, mom.  I'll try and smile. :D

This is what Scott did over the weekend.
Yeah, they slept in a tent.  Fun, fun.

Scott gave me a weird look when I left the house in jeans last week.  

Sometimes this is why I don't try clothes on in the store.

For the record, I'd never call a salesperson. I'll get out of that dress one way or another.

I had to explain to Scott that Monica used to be fat as we watched this episode of Friends.  Then he asked which one was Monica (blasphemy, right?).  Guess he didn't spend the ages of 10-17 watching Friends re-runs like I did.

Also, do you like Jennifer Lawrence?  I love Jennifer Lawrence.  You should really go see Silver Linings Playbook.  I wrote a Hunger Games review last year, but she's so much more than a teen franchise movie actress (something KStew will never outgrow).

Plus, JLaw and I have a lot in common.
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  1. Haha...the yoga pants ecard is totally my life.

  2. I think Jennifer Lawrence is great! And I've watched all 10 seasons of Friends a bazillion times I think... we love them.

  3. hahahaha machine in quotes. LOVE IT

  4. Hahaha I love the fitting room one...sadly I have been in that situation lol.

  5. Seeing that photo of Scott & his friend in the snow totally gives me the chills. Brrr.

    I laughed so hard when I read the ecards cause it's so true, both of them. Also, fat Monica was hilarious. The flashback episodes are some of my favorites.

  6. We have been watching some Friends reruns lately. At the beginning of each one Craig will ask, "is Monica fat in this one?"

    Hope you have a good first day back!

  7. I call it a snowmobile just to get on these peoples' nerves. HA!

  8. I love Jennifer Lawrence! :)

    Scott says I'm weird when I watch Friends reruns on TBS. I never really got on the bandwagon when it was on, but I like it now!

    And....I'm totally hating real pants right now because they don't fit right. I'm all about leggings!

  9. She's in that movie? I need to see it then, deal settled. :) And he doesn't know Friends? I'm literally speechless.

  10. Sorry to hear that you're going to be unemployed come April, but you're doing a good job keeping your head up. And I relaly need to just invest in all 10 seasons of Friends. I could watch them for days and days.

  11. I love her I wang to see that movie so bad.

  12. Lol! That yoga pants one is so me right now!

  13. Brrrr - your hubby most of froze if he slept in a tent in the snow... I cant imagine!

    Stopping in from Mingle Monday as well! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog ;)

    Have a good week!

  14. How does a person not know who Monica is?? He needs to watch more (and better, apparently) tv! Lol.


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