January 4, 2013

High 5 for Friday and #52WeeksofKindness

Columbia coat I picked up at Fred Meyer with some Christmas money.  40% off and oh-so-pretty.
Not as warm as my marshmallow coat, but oh-so-pretty.
1.  The picture up there is to prove that the sun decided to shine on the last day of 2012 (irony).  ...And to see if you noticed that there was no snow on the ground.  You won't hear any complaints out of me.

2. My birthday is next Thursday.  Scott thought it was this week.  When he went to buy me a present, he told the sales lady my birthday was January 5th.

My birthday is not January 5th.

3 years ago, he was in Afghanistan and he forgot my birthday.

He also told someone our wedding was September 17th.  Our wedding was September 12th.

I'll never let him forget these mistakes because I have a crazy good memory and he, obviously, does not.

3.  I made my own pizza dough, successfully, for the first time ever last week.  I recommend this recipe.   One of my life's goals is now accomplished.  I've made it twice more since then, so it wasn't a fluke.

4.  Yesterday, I posted all about our Carnival Cruise adventure.  At least it was memorable, right?

5. Amber is starting a 52 Weeks of Kindness Challenge.  The idea is to do one random act of kindness a week.  I had trouble coming up with an idea this week. I mean, anyone can buy someone's coffee, right?  While I'm not opposed to doing that, I want to think outside the box.  I'm nowhere near as generous or caring as my husband...(he chipped ice off of someone's driveway for 4 hours last week..saint).  However, this week, I gave 2 giant bags and 2 big boxes of clothes/accessories/books to a thrift store.  I may benefit from it in the sense that I get rid of clutter (I was saving knock-off purses from college that I had never actually used...why????), but I really don't get anything in return.  I don't write it off as tax credit, I don't sell them Plato's Closet-style, or anything like that.
I just took a good hard look at everything we were stuffing away in our spare bedrooms and said, "I haven't used that in 3 years..could someone else?"

Manic Mother

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  1. I pinned the pizza dough, thank you!

    I'm anxious to read the link up posts. 52 acts is one of my goals for the year. I'm posting mine quarterly.

  2. It's hard to come up with ideas! Thankfully, mine kind of fell into my lap.... i have NO idea what I'll do this week. *sigh* This is going to be challenging.
    Also, I LOVE seeing my 52 weeks button in my reader! That makes me so happy! :)

  3. Oh and Scott is hilarious! The bday and anniversary, never let him live it down! David still asks every now and again to double check.

    Homemade pizza dough is SO easy and delicious!!

    And donating clothes kills me! it could be clothing that I haven't worn in YEARS and I'm just like, "Oh! I love it! I might wear it again! I'll keep just this one...." then I've only donated like one thing. Oops

  4. My husband is also horrible at remembering important dates.
    EXCEPT he can't forget my birthday. Because it's also Valentine's Day. And while he might not KNOW it's Vday, the TV commercials keep reminding him. So thanks, over commercialized holiday. ;)
    And I love that coat.
    And I couldn't come up with 52 acts of kindness. Maybe I'm just not very kind. Or creative.

  5. For some reason my husband has a tendency to get my birthday and our anniversary mixed up haha. :)

  6. I engraved our wedding date into my husbands ring so he can never forget :)

  7. that is funny and not so funny that he forgot the date of your birthday. i love homemade pizza dough!

  8. Love the new coat!

    I guess I got lucky, Isaiah never forgets my birthday or our anniversary (although he does forget everyone else's).

    I like the 52 weeks of kindness idea!!! Donating stuff is always a great idea.

  9. I have to just give a big laugh to your husband for having the worst memory ever. I read that to the tone of Mean Girls "on pctober 3rd he asked me what day it was"

  10. The coat is cute. The pizza dough sounds tempting. The 52 weeks of kindness sounds great but I'm no saint either. Happy birthday next week! Esther Norine Designs

  11. I love the 52 weeks idea. And that coat is cuuuute. I wish we had Fred Meyer here. My parents go to one in Oregon and love it.

  12. Homemade pizza dough is the best!

  13. So glad to see that you participated in the 52 Weeks! Looking forward to reading what everyone does the rest of the year!

  14. Donating clothes sounds so easy but it can be so much work! It's a great one that everyone can do though :) Thanks for linking up with us!

  15. Men and dates. What is their problem?? Angel can't even remember how old he is most of the time, let alone any of his own family's birthdays. I'm a very nice wife, though, and I don't let him make any dreadful mistakes about forgetting our important dates because I typically have a countdown to my birthday and our anniversary and I tend to talk about them a lot so that he won't accidentally forget...


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