October 21, 2012


...the random lady at the gym does not read this blog.

She was appalled when I told her I didn't like Alaska.  I didn't bring up the topic.  She did. (I swear!).
She started talking about all the "cool" stuff she does out-of-doors and how she "loves to play" in this "great" state.

And she left an opening for me to, clearly, share my own adventure story.  So I said, "Yeah, I don't go outside."

She said, "Oh, I just pack up a .45...."

I said, "No, I have guns, I don't fear the bears, I just don't go outside.  I don't like being outside in Alaska."

She was flabbergasted.  And then started talking about how the "people here are the best, not like the ones in the lower 48".  (You hear that guys??  Alaskans hate all y'all.)

I said, "I'm from the lower 48.  I'd fit in better there."

And the she proceeded to go on and on about how her husband works overseas (clearly how the boob job and facelift were paid for) and how she parties all the time and exercises all the time (it didn't show) and blahblahblah.

I know she was expecting that life to sound adventurous and appealing, but it made me sad for her.

Not only did it seem like parties and the freedom to play were the only things on her mind, she had no mention of being thankful for leading this life of leisure (think: Real Housewives or wannabe Kardashian).

More importantly:  Who would choose to lead a life like that in Alaska?  She belongs in L.A.  Or, you know, New Jersey.  She was more New Jersey housewife than L.A. housewife.

(She has more in common with those lower-48-ers than she thinks.)

It was an awful conversation and I was glad when it ended.

Onto a separate issue.

This outfit, I'm pretty sure, doesn't even match.

Sweater:  B.Moss (old) // Skirt: From the PX // Boots: Steve Madden //  Scarf:  Aerie

But, it was comfortable.  And that skirt has pockets.  Win-win.

Oh and going back to "I don't go outside", it's probably not coincidental that this was a search term for my blog last week:

And proud of it.

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  1. That lady sounds like a crazy person!!! By the way, I think the outfit matches and it's super cute. :)

  2. I haaaaate when people do that. I really do like Hawaii, but sometimes I just want to complain about it, and then people always try to convince me I'm wrong. Umm, I'm entitled to an opinion too thanks lol. As are you! Plus, I mean... is it really unfathomable to people that someone wouldn't love Alaska? That woman sounds a little nutso and sad. There is so much more to life than that and you would think anyone past the age of 14 would know that.

  3. I don't think many people realize that a LOT of Alaskans really do consider lower-48'ers to be inferior. I've heard "you city folk" in the form of an insult more times than I can count.

    Your outfit looks great to me!! Who says everything has to match? My leg warmers, boots and dress were 3 different shades of brown/tan today: who cares! :)

  4. Pockets are the best and those boots rock.

  5. I love your scarf and those boots are amazing too - I'm trying to find a pair for this fall!

    Pearls & Paws

  6. Really I don´t know what you talking about, I LOVE your outfit. absolutely something I also would wear. Hm ok, maybe I should feedback that :-)!

  7. As Stacy and Clinton would say, "It doesn't have to match, it just has to go."

    Ha! I think you look cute.

    you Alaskan pansy.

  8. Poor lady. She sounds lonely.

  9. love the outfit as always! you are too cute!!! :)) and this story was awesome....i think you should have just told her that she needed to stfu. lol

  10. Ohhhhhhh my. Hilarious. I have to say though. I *think* I actually would enjoy living in Alaska for a while. Honestly. I hate to sound like your gym lady, but I can totally see Greg and I spending all of our extra time outdoors, HAH.

    LOVE your outfit. I CANNOT wait to wear my winter skirts with leggings. But um... It's 65* today. What the heck!!

  11. That lady is exactly why I keep to myself at the gym! haha! I found you at YOLO Mondays on Carly's Lipgloss and Crayons. I am following you now and would love a follow back!

  12. I LOVE this outfit!!! Looks great with the boots!


  13. I have to say, I got a huge kick out of this story! That lady sounds a little crazy.

    Also, I think you look super cute :)

  14. Stopping by from YOLO-- I love your win-win attitude. Finding a win-win trumps a maybe not matching outfit any day (I think your outfit does match, btw). Awesome blog!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  15. Oh I love that conversation. I could picture it! I wish I'd been a fly on the wall. :) Cute skirt!

  16. i actually LOVE that outfit!! and there is a blog I read sometimes and she lives alaska and posts pictures of the snow and cold and acts like she likes it! I don't know how!!

  17. I'm pretty sure your outfit matches. And Mrs. K. is right. Stacy & Clinton would say it just has to go. :)

    And I love it!

  18. That lady sounds crazy!! I absolutely love your boots! Such a pretty color. Following you now :)


  19. Your outfit actually looks super cute, the colors go really well together for 'fall'. I know it's super fucking cold in Alaska but were you cold in this photo or was that just how the camera caught you? Totally irrelevant, just thought I'd ask.

    Also, that lady's a freakin' weirdo. Let her keep Alaska, you come join the rest of us lower 48's ;)


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